• School Board

    In 2012, the school became an Independent Public School and with this status came a School Board with a new set of responsibilities and a focus on financial and review of progress functions which has changed the face of how Boards operate within the community.

    Please refer to the School Board Constitution for details on how the Board operates and what responsibilities and rights it works within.

    Members on the Board for 2018
    Mrs Carole Veneris Chair (elected by the Board in sitting)
    Mr Edward Nastasi Principal (appointed by Dept Education)
    Mr John Elson Vice Chair (Parent Rep)
    Mr Chao Sun Parent Rep
    Mr Brian Tan Parent Rep
    Ms Rattan Gould Parent Rep
    Mr Kunal Malhotra  Parent Rep
    Mrs Lourdes Tsekos P&C Rep
    Ms Natasha Duracic Teacher Rep
    Mrs Andrea Harris Teacher Rep
    Mrs Anne Driscoll Manager Corporate Services

    School Board Constitution

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