Vision & Values

Caladenia Primary School

Our Vision for our Community is:

We aim to provide all students and adults with ongoing quality opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to achieve their potential and contribute to our intention to "be the best that you can be".

We are a group of committed and dedicated professionals working with our community to support the school to create a learning environment that stimulates and challenges students to achieve optimum learning. We understand that:

  • We believe that building strong and sustainable relationships leads to effecting self-regulating students and adults
  • All students are capable of improvement in learning
  • We are in partnership with parents in the educational journey of their children
  • Students are all different and that we must provide for this differentiation for each
  • There is no substitute for high quality teaching in achieving high student results
  • Teachers are motivated, skilled and supportive of each other and supported by our community
  • Students must also be accountable for their learning and our pedagogical strategies reflect this each and every day – students should be able to recall and retain information and skills
  • We must engage every child in learning 100% of the time in class
  • Play is an important reflection of social skilling and therefore we have zero tolerance to negatively affecting others in the playground and that we work towards self-regulating strategies to effect this
  • Learning occurs best when a student, family and school have common goals, interact positively and are mutually supportive

We are committed to contributing to a socially cohesive, safe, democratic, stable and reconciled community. We are committed to the values which protect the dignity of each person and foster respect and integrity for every member of our community. We treat everyone with love, care and concern. Our relationships are based on honesty, mutual respect and acceptance of personal responsibilities.

We are a highly successful school both in High Care and High Achievement and have been for many years. It was a deserved acknowledgement in 2019 that we were selected as the WA Public School of the Year after several years of excellence in education.

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