Physical Education and Health

Caladenia Primary School

Our students exceed all expectations in sportsmanship, as well as successes in cross-school competitions.

The Phys Ed Team at Caladenia Primary School give students the opportunity to be exposed to, and practise, a range of fundamental skills. Students are taught skills within a range of different sports, with the teachers modelling these skills to the students. Tactics and team roles are also built into the Scope and Sequences as the students move through year levels. Students learn ‘sportsperson-ship’ and this is evident when we attend carnivals. Students support and encourage each other, whilst showing a competitive edge when participating in events.

We are a highly successful school both in High Care and High Achievement and have been for many years. It was a deserved acknowledgement in 2019 that we were selected as the WA Public School of the Year after several years of excellence in education.

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