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The Music Team actively run choirs, orchestras and a rock band. These different ensembles have performed at many events, including One Big Voice and Massed Choir. Within Caladenia, the Music Team support the assembly schedule by including school songs within the Music year level planning. Staff give students the opportunity to listen to and make music based on the developmental level of each year level. High levels of engagement across the school is also supplemented by the use of the Caladenia Explicit Instruction model and Kagan structures.


Instrumental Music School Services

One of the unique and highly regarded programs for students in public schools is the instrumental music program run in schools through Instrumental Music School Services.

Selection into this program is based on musical aptitude testing and other criteria. If your child is selected, this outstanding program will take your child’s love of music to the next level. They will receive free instrumental tuition and the opportunity to participate in a range of music enrichment activities.

The teaching standard is extremely high. As well as having a passion for music, instrumental teachers are qualified musicians and registered teachers. They work with more than 400 primary and secondary public schools across Western Australia, teaching students from Years 3 to 12.

Selection Process at Caladenia

At Caladenia your child's classroom music teachers will assess their musical aptitude and enthusiasm. All Year 4 students do the Musical Aptitude Test before the end of 3rd Term. Only students whose scores are high enough (50% or over) will receive a letter with a form to fill out where they indicate their interest in taking part in the programme.

There is a parent information evening run in 3rd Term by IMSS.  Information will be sent out to parents and all details are also available on their website.

When all the forms are returned tuition places will then be allocated to eligible students. Towards the end of Term 4 a letter and form will be sent home offering the student a firm offer of a place in the programme. Tuition will start in Term 1 of the following year when students are in Year 5 and will continue in Year 6.

To participate in the program students must have:

  • a high level of aptitude
  • a willingness to participate in the instrumental music program
  • physical suitability to play an instrument
  • parent support
  • availability to attend all instrumental lessons (during school hours)
  • time to practice daily.

Students who have been nominated will be assessed for suitability during normal school hours.

IMSS Music Program at Caladenia

Caladenia has twenty places on offer in this programme. The instruments offered at Caladenia are;

5 classical guitar places,

5 flute places,

5 clarinet places

5 brass places (usually trumpet).

Classes are usually 30 minutes long. Students are expected to be prepared with their instruments and make sure they attend on time.

As there are only a few students in each year in the music program, the class times will be at a time other students are attending normal class schedule. Your child needs to ensure they keep up with any class work they miss.

Please view the IMSS website for more details.

We are a highly successful school both in High Care and High Achievement and have been for many years. It was a deserved acknowledgement in 2019 that we were selected as the WA Public School of the Year after several years of excellence in education.

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