• Principal’s Message

    Caladenia – Quality Driven

    In 2012, Caladenia became an Independent Public School, operating with a School Board which has special responsibilities relating to the delivery of the curriculum in the school and subsequent results of its students. We continue to create a school community that has as its focus, the development of our students into creative, free and forward thinking adults who can function effectively in this rapidly developing world.

    Caladenia has a committed and talented teaching group, who regularly give up their time and efforts towards developing our school and its students into the ‘best that they can be’. There is a clear focus on developing collaborative and supportive improvement plans designed to maximise the achievements of each and every student in the school. We achieve this through a strong teacher-developed Scope and Sequence Plans of the Australian/State Curriculum for English, Mathematics, Science and History and Social Sciences (HASS), while developing all learning areas associated with State Curriculum requirements and timelines.

    We believe that students and teachers build quality relationships with people around them. Everyone needs to know that they are valued and accepted. Our practices and processes model and support the notion of quality relationships among all stakeholders in the school.

    We are committed to creating a learning and teaching environment that is focused on quality practices in a supportive, safe and inclusive school environment.

    We aim to achieve the very best in all areas of influence with students in our care. This goal of excellence pervades all aspects of what we do at the school, including the development of our adult community into one where talk is the central theme to fixing problems and argument and loud and aggressive talk is discouraged at all times.

    We share the child’s educational journey in a real way with parents and the wider community through partnerships we establish for and on behalf of our students and parents. We welcome parent involvement in the school through classroom helpers to providing a connection to learning about their world.

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