• Plans for Improvement

    Plans for Improvement include the following documents and are established for the rationale mentioned:

    The triennial 2018-2020 Business Plan is the overarching document which includes the outline and directions for the school over the next three years. It includes the Vision, values, goals, targets and standards for the school and sets out how the school expects to achieve those expectations. This is the ‘umbrella’ document that guides all other internal planning for improvement documents.

    The Strategic Plan 2018 draws its whole school function as a strategic methodology for achieving the Business Plan. It is a school document for staff to follow and allows a clearer picture of the how and why of the Business Plan. It includes strategies for the implementation success of quality teaching and includes the:

    1. Explicit Instruction model
    2. Kagan Collaborative Teaching
    3. Peer Performance Management (ongoing quality controls)
    4. Quality Teaching and Learning Policy Handbook 2018

    This is the Second Tier of the whole school improvement plans.

    The Third Tier of whole school planning involves an understanding of what to teach and the mechanics of achieving consistency and accuracy across the whole school in terms of teaching effectiveness. It includes our Scope and Sequence Plans for the Learning Areas (written by staff and for staff according to the requirements of State and Australian Curriculum Standards).

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