• Student Leadership

    Student Council

    Caladenia offers student leadership through the Year 6 Student Council (SSC), elected by Years 4 to 6 students and staff.

    The SSC operates a whole School Council, consisting of classrooms reps from each class (Years 1-6). This School Council is the student body’s voice in carrying forward suggestions to make improvements or produce events.

    2018 Senior Student Councillors

    Beau – Head Boy
    Georgia – Head Girl

    Election of Student Councillors

    Being elected a Student Councillor is a privilege and honour for the students. The following guidelines are used to elect students to the position of Student Councillor.

    • All Students have the right to try out for the Student Council
    • Students from years 4 to 6 vote for the councillors
    • Elections are held at the end of third term for the following year
    • All staff have a vote in the election of the Head Boy and Head Girl and the Student Councillors
    • The Principal, in conjunction with the student and staff elections, as well as seeking the advice of the Year 6 teachers, makes the final decision on who will be Head Boy and Head Girl and who will be the Student Councillors
    • The Principal has the right of veto over the election process, any student in the opinion of the Principal has not earned the right to represent the school will not be considered for these prestigious positions
    • Councillors (including Head Boy and Head Girl) can be dismissed from the council for serious misdemeanours.
    • Head Boy and Head Girl and Councillors are elected for the whole year

    A Student Councillor is expected to

    • Wear his/her school uniform
    • Know the school rules
    • Assist in the maintenance of the school rules
    • Display respect for the school and its equipment
    • Display acceptable behaviour in the playground
    • Display desired work habits in the classroom
    • Readily accept duties during recess breaks and afterschool
    • Assist any child, teacher or parent in need
    • Work cooperatively as a team member
    • Become aware of any student or teacher concerns and report those concerns during council meetings
    • Assist with devising solutions to report concerns

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