• Staff 2019 and Classes

    2019 Staff

    Staff Leadership

    We believe in staff involvement in decision-making through delegated distributed leadership.
    The school promotes succession management by building strong and effective leaders for the future. We actively seek staff for promotional and active leadership roles in the school.
    Leadership is through various Committees/Teams in the school:

    Collaborative Teams

    These teams are Year level structures, organised by a Peer Collegiate Coordinator (PCC) to carry out consultative meetings with teachers as well as provide peer performance management of each other all year round (through classroom active and responsive visitations from their own Year Level teachers), moderation tasks and planning together to provide quality teaching strategies/activities through whole school agreed priorities and policies.

    Curriculum Teams

    Each Learning Area is represented by a Team of teachers responsible for overseeing and tweaking our whole school suggested priorities and Targets in reviewing the Scope and Sequence for each Year Level.

    Leadership Team

    This Team consists of Level 3 teachers, PCC’s, the Principal and Deputies to provide feedback/planning functions for the various Teams in the school.

    Executive Team

    The Principal, Deputies and Manager Corporate Service provide an overview, review and feedback for all committees and Teams in the school. It is this Teams function to assist teachers to teach smarter not work harder. We actively seek solutions to Classrooms First principles in everything we do.

    Well-Being Committee

    This is combined mix of staff which looks after staff morale, social and emotional support for all staff in the school.


    School Administration Team
    Principal Ted Nastasi
    Deputy Principal Craig McIlwraith
    Deputy Principal Paula Asplin
    Deputy Principal Rob Smyth
    Manager Corporate Service Anne Driscoll
    Teacher Year/Room
    Miss Belinda Williams Kindy 2
    Miss Chantelle Perera Kindy 3
    Mrs Jodie Gavranich Pre-Primary Rm 4
    Mrs Kim Patton Pre-Primary Rm 5
    Ms Natasha Duracic Pre-Primary Rm 1
    Mrs Robbie Haug Pre-Primary Rm 6
    Mrs Joanne Dalbock Pre-Primary Rm 7
    Miss Emma Mathews Pre-Primary Support Teacher
    Kira Sunkar Pre- Primary Support Teacher
    Mrs Rebecca Fernandes Year 1 Rm 10
    Miss Tenelle Hamill Yr 1 Rm 16
    Ms Marie Evans Yr 1 Rm 21
    Mrs Nicolle Wall Yr 1 Rm 27
    Mrs Joanne Samaha and Mrs Kira Readhead Yr 1 Rm 30
    Mr Darryl Hunt Yr 1 Rm 32
    Miss Roxy Oliver / Miss Esther Tai (Term 4) Yr 2 Rm 12
    Miss Shelley Atkinson Yr 2 Rm 17
    Miss Nicki Zakarias Yr 2 Rm 22
    Mr Travis Elliott Yr 2 Rm 25
    Miss Tracie Hewes Yr 2 Rm 33
    Mr Alex Caldera Yr 3 Rm 14
    Mrs Jennifer Batten Yr 3 Rm 23
    Mrs Veronica Weissflog Yr 3 Rm 28
    Mrs Allyson George Yr 3 Rm 36
    Miss Tegan Duffill Yr 3 Rm 9
    Mrs Charlene Ashby MAC 4/5/6 Rm 19
    Mrs Andrea Harris Yr 4 Rm 20
    Mr Philip Chandler Yr 4 Rm 24
    Miss Simone Beatty Yr 4 Rm 31
    Miss Jessica Roberts Yr 4 Rm 35
    Mrs Trina McKenzie Yr 5 Rm 26
    Mrs Corrine Curtis Yr 5 Rm 34
    Mr Travis Smith Yr 5 Rm 29
    Mrs Crystal De Courcey Yr 6 Rm 8
    Mr Brian Johnson & Mrs Sandy Wingfield Yr 6 Rm 15
    Mrs Sandra Santini Yr 6 Rm 37
    Mrs Laura Priestly Yr 6 Rm 11
    Mrs Rikta Rudra Pre-Primary
    Mrs Kylie Hemmingway Kindy / Pre-Primary
    Mrs Erin Boag Kindy/Pre-Primary
    Mrs Yu-Seong Kong EAL/D
    Mrs Liz Rivett Music
    Mrs Deborah Skelton Music
    Mrs Tracy Holmes Physical Education
    Mr Sam Hunt Physical Education
    Mrs Louise Ewing Visual Arts
    Mr Andrew Frost Visual Arts/Sport/Music
    Mrs Yoshie Witt LOTE (Japanese)
    Mrs Renee West Teacher
    School Officers Justine Arnold, Racheal Barber and Susan Askwith
    Library Officer Aileen Crofts
    Education Assistants Kellie Hayward, Kelly Whitmore, Anita Beattie, Karen Benstead, Fiona Greer
      Leanne White, Helen Ganzer, Michelle Anderson, Jacquie Colvin and Nola Frost
      Janelle Charushenko, Nancy Bell, Karen Thompson, and Melanie Bywater
    AUSLAN Interpreters Hannah Wade
    Gardeners Phil Crofts
    Cleaners Angela Bonwick, Lyn Zanetti, Annie Chen,
      Dean Tuckey and Sarah Darby


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