• Before and After School Procedure

    Children are not to be at school before 8.00am due to staff not being on duty at that time.

    If your children must be at school earlier than 8.00am, we have a before and after school care business operating on campus. Helping Hands is the care group.
    If your children arrive earlier than 8.00am, they must be instructed by you to sit on the seating beside the Administration Building inside the gates until the teacher allows them into the classroom at 8.15am, in preparation for the day’s learning program. The Deputies will inform them when they can leave for their classrooms.

    All students go into their classrooms from 8.15am to organise themselves for the day,  some homework and reading activities are set up during this pre-lesson time each morning.

    There are no games to be played before or after school. Playground equipment must not be used by any person before or after school as there are no staff to supervise.

    There is no riding of scooters, skateboards, bikes or other forms of transport within the school grounds, including the front and rear paved areas. All transport equipment is to be kept in the bicycle enclosure and key locked for safety. There will be no storage of any form of riding equipment in wet areas or classrooms.

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