• Mobile Phones

    Mobile Phones

    It is acknowledged that parents/caregivers may choose to have their children bring mobile telephones to school for the purpose of security to and from school.

    Should students need to contact parents or caregivers during the day, the calls are to be made only through and with the permission of a member of the school administration. This process enables us to care for your child and ensure their safety.

    Operational Guidelines

    1. Parents wishing their child to bring a mobile telephone to school are required to complete the consent form.
    2. Students are not to have the phone switched on or use the phone in any way during school hours (8:15am – 2:30pm).
    3. Students who bring a phone and do not have a signed consent form will have their phone retained and parents will be required to pick it up from the school administration.
    4. Students who do have consent and who use the phone or have it switched on during school will have their phone retained by Admin. Parents will be contacted and required to collect the phone from the school administration.

    Two breaches of these procedures will result in the privilege of bringing a phone to school revoked for the remainder of that term.

    One of the reasons we do not wish students to bring mobile phones to school, is that social media proves to be a powerful negative force in bullying incidents. Students found to be using phones against other students will have their phones removed and will not be allowed to bring them to school.

    Mobile Phone Consent Form

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