• Caladenia Student Roles and Responsibilities – Learning From Home

    Student Responsibilities :

    • You need to participate in the Learning from Home Strategy – it is set out by the Department of Education WA that all students will be involved in a work package from home if you are physically not attending school.
    • Treat home as your school for a while – have a place in your home where you can work without interruptions, is neat and tidy and has a computer of some sort which can access the internet – make sure it is the same place each day.
    • Ensure that you start you school work at the same time each day and stick to the schedule suggested for each day – this way you may have a successful learning experience
    • Get your parent to log you into “Connect” each day (or you can do this if you are able)  and keep the password is by your side – you may need it to log back on at times during your use.
    • Most of the time, the language we are using within each lesson is the same as it is at school, so you should be comfortable with the format.
    • Connections with your teachers will be via the

    ♦      Weekly Video – your teacher or another teacher in your year level will be giving you a message each week about the next week’s package – these are very
            important messages for you and your parents

    ♦      Phone call once per week per student for 10 minutes (the schedule is fixed and cannot change) – your parent will have this schedule so you will know when your teacher is                    ringing you

    ♦      Your parents may email the school for help – the Deputy will screen and answer it if they can or they will pass the message on to your teacher and they will
              talk with you at the next phone call

    Student Checklist 

    I (the student) will need to:

    • Set up my home timetable for learning with my parents/Carers
    • Have a clean space to work in the same place every day – clear from all distractions
    • Have my materials I need to work with ready each day
    • Turn off TV, radios and other devices that may be distracting
    • Make sure parent/carer have logged onto school website or ‘Connect’ for you and you have the password available in case your computer logs off
    • Follow all instructions that are given to you by your teacher/school
    • Complete all the work asked of you in that week.
    • Be strict with yourself about regular learning hours and other times when you can play and eat – your parents have a schedule you should use.

    Ted Nastasi


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