• Reading Focus

    Reading Focus

    Reading is the prime skill necessary to live life to the fullest. We need it to be successful in work, enjoy our down-time? and to interpret and make meaning from all that faces us in this ever-changing world.

    We are, therefore, focussing on making reading a major focus for us in 2017 and beyond. This means that we ask you to read at home with your children as well as listening to them read every night and ask questions of the text to gain understanding of what is read.

    Our focus at school is in buying many more books that are high interest level books as well as non-fictional books designed for raising an awareness of and skills in research skills.

    This is the single most important skill in primary school without its mastery, our children will not stand out as highly successful adults at high school and in employment. We owe it to them that we do all we can now to make reading an absolute priority for them.

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