• 16 March 2020 Update

    Update as at 16 March 2020


    The unprecedented times we are in call for a sensible and calm approach to it. It is essential that we maintain our dignity and respect for one another during these difficult times.

    I write to you today to clarify some important issues and facts for you to remember during this coronavirus outbreak. These points are from the Government instrumentalities (Education Dept WA, Dept of Health, State Minister for Education and the National Government).

    All Public Schools can only take advice from the Dept of Education (in turn, the Dept receives its directions from the Dept of Health/Government Ministers) – in fact, schools cannot make unilateral decisions regarding school closures. Keeping students out of classrooms when they show signs of the sniffles or other flu-like symptoms, unless they have been identified as having the coronavirus, cannot be excluded from school (refer to attached).
    We are doing everything in our resource capabilities to provide students with sensible and sound hygiene practices and materials such as increased hand-sanitizers in every classroom.
    Parents who keep their children home for fear of the coronavirus spread without them being sick are placed on the system as ‘unexplained’ absence of there is no contact from the parent about why the student is at home, or as ‘unreasonable absence’ if we have been notified. Again, we have no say in doing this as a school – it is the law and what we are required to do
    If a person has been overseas and returned before 9.00pm last night (15 March 2020), there is no legal responsibility for them to self-isolate unless they have the symptoms explained in all documentation (attached).
    As of today 16 March 2020, schools will
    ·  Not have assemblies until further notice (we will notify you of the classroom-based assemblies in the near future)

    ·  Have lunch areas with less than 500 students in any one area (we have already limited ours to around 60 students per area.

    ·  Have no concerts, large performances (ANZAC Day, Harmony Day, Sports Carnivals, etc…) – a full list of the cancelled events will be available within the next 48 hours

    ·  Continue to operate until further notice by the State or Commonwealth Governments

    ·  Give assistance to parents or students who may need counselling or advice

    Please read carefully the attached letter to Principals from the Director General of Education WA.

    Finally, these plans may change at any time when required by us from our Dept Education WA or other Government agencies.

    Thank you for your understanding of our position and for your generous support of Caladenia Primary School during these difficult times of uncertainty.


    Kindest regards,

    Ted Nastasi


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