• 20 March 2020 Update

    To: All Parents/Carers

    RE: COVID-19

    The School is in constant contact with the Department of Education WA regarding steps to be taken and what is allowed under the Government Guidelines. These contacts are three times per week and in between as urgency dictates.

    Public Schools must follow Government Guidelines – we are instructed by experts in Government agencies who understand our situation in schools and are, therefore, providing necessary instructions. These guidelines help us to keep you informed with information as soon as we get it. Please open the Caladenia website for up-to-date information as well as the Caladenia APP.

    We cannot and do not make unilateral decisions regarding COVID-19 issues.

    It is with this mind, that we have made decisions which will assist us to minimize the effect of contagion of the Virus. We have this opportunity to cancel non-essential gatherings and incidents where possible contact may affect our children and staff. These decisions/conditions apply as of today until further notice.

    The following events and activities have been cancelled until further notice:

     School Photos will continue this week – without large group photos (these will occur later in the year)

     All Assemblies cancelled – class assemblies instead- will present Merit Certificates

     Harmony Day is cancelled

     ANZAC Ceremony is cancelled

     Junior and Senior Choirs have been disbanded until further notice

     Rock Band and Orchestra will continue to operate for the time being

     All Excursions and Incursions are cancelled

     All performances (internal and outside school) are cancelled

     Parent Interview days (30 and 31 March) are cancelled

     Summer and Winter Carnivals and all external sporting events are cancelled

     EALD Morning Tea for parents will be postponed until later in the year

     All unnecessary gatherings will be cancelled from hereon in.

     Normal classes will continue to occur with internal during-school meetings.

     NAPLAN is cancelled for 2020


    We understand that students may be disappointed with some of these decisions but they are necessary if we are to try to contain the virus as much as is practicable in our community of Caladenia. All decisions made are for the safety of our children.

    They are tough decisions but ones which can provide us with some extra security while schools remain open.

    Please access help-lines or contact the School direct of you wish to speak about the issues at hand. With social distancing at play, we need to ensure safety for you and our staff, so we ask that if you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, please do not make appointments with us.

    Thank you for your understanding and support of our safety measures for the current time – anything can change within short time frames.

    Kindest Regards,

    Ted Nastasi



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