• 26 March 2020 Update

    To: All Parents/Carers

    RE: COVID-19

    Thank you for your support and patience in what is a disturbing and confusing tome for all of us – we don’t have all the answers, but I am hoping the decisions we are making work out for the best for our kids in particular but for all of us in the end.

    As of today’s WA Government statement, our school will officially close down on 3 April 2020. Further, though, the following details are for your information and action:

    • Please try to keep your children home during the week starting 30 March (to 3 April) if you can. There are very few children at school at present and we understand why that is so
    • From 6 April to 9 April all teachers and education assistants will be working on producing Work Packages for Term 2 – please do NOT send children to school during this time, but for essential services parents (including teachers and education assistants), any children being sent to school from 6-9 April will be supervised by the school staff – there will be no teaching during this last week.
    • School recommences (keep abreast of news from the school through our Caladenia APP and our webpages) Term 2 on 28 April (Monday 27 is ANZAC Day Holiday) – we are unsure what the Term 2 school will look like at this stage – whether we have classes or not is yet to be decided by the WA Government.  

    Thank you.

    Kindest regards,

    Ted Nastasi



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