• 6 April 2020 Update

    To: All Parents/Carers

    RE: COVID-19

    Principals today received communication from the Director General of Education WA indicating key points for Term Two 2020. A summary of the points is listed here for your information:

    • All Public Schools will remain open
    • Parents are encouraged to keep their children at home. Those who need to send their children to school to maintain employment, children of essential workers and those who require schools to support them overcome particular vulnerabilities, however, may choose to do so.
    • To ensure all students’ needs are met, staff will be present on school sites
    • All students will be taught: those attending schools and those learning at home
    • Student wellbeing remains a priority, notably for the most vulnerable
    • All learning at home will be via On-line Work Packages
    • Teachers remain the instructional experts and will have regular contact with their students.
    • Students are expected to engage in the teaching and learning program provided.
    • Parents are not expected to take the place of teachers. However, there are opportunities for parents to become active partners in their children’s learning by assisting them with the work packages placed on-line.

    We are working on the delivery of Work Packages for Term Two and you should receive Information and Instructions for these very shortly this week.

    Thank you. We will update you on the status of educational provision as it occurs.

    Keep well.

    Kindest regards,

    Ted Nastasi



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