• P&C

    Parents and Citizens

    The Caladenia P&C is a group of dynamic people who are actively involved in providing support for improving the educational and physical environment of the school. All parents, interested staff and community minded people are invited to attend the meetings.

    Through building up strong relationships with appropriate bodies, commitment, support and fundraising the P&C has achieved a great deal. Their fundraising has resulted in Ipads being available to all Kindy, Pre-primary and Year 1 classes and all classes now have interactive whiteboards, amongst other things.

    Members are involved in:

    • Providing services like student banking
    • Seeking funds and resources through fundraising

    Meetings are conducted on the second Tuesday of each term, commencing at 7.30pm in the staffroom. The meetings provide a forum where parents can openly discuss issues with the school Principal and the P&C Committee members.

    P & C Constitution

    Please click here to view the Constitution.

    Members 2019
    President Melanie Watts
    Vice President Caris Watts
    Support President
    Aimi Richards
    Secretary Caris Morris
    Treasurer Carly Hardingham
    Principal Ted Nastasi
    Board Rep
    Lourdes Tsekos
    Executive Member
    Judy Mekisic
    Executive Member Danika Sutherland
    Executive Member Peta Lillywhite
    Executive Member Mikayla Reynolds
    Executive Member Fiona Abernethy
    Executive Member
    Ben Gould
    Executive Member Chelsea Walker
    Executive Member Sirissa Haynes
    Executive Member Jodie Van den Dries
    Executive Member Ilyana Sasidharan
    Executive Member Naomi Jeong
    Executive Member Shinee De Vas
    Executive Member Manpreet Kuhar
    Executive Member Heather Green
    Executive Member Kelly Baynes

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