• Caladenia Parent Responsibilities – Learning From Home

    Parent Responsibilities :

    • Support your child in this Learning from Home Strategy
    • You become the facilitator for primary school aged children –try to assist your child – home is their school at this time – it is school time and they should be learning what their classmates would be learning at the same time.
    • Support your child to work within certain time schedules during the day as suggested in the Learning from Home document on our website.
    • Never do work for or provide answers to your child – this is not helpful until after they have completed the task so they can review their work. A strategy to use is ask them the same question, reworded by you – eg “what do you think a would happen if….?”
    • Understand that the Video is a support for you and your child to understand what is planned for the following week
    • Help your child to select a place in the home that you and your child can access and is clean and tidy and free from distractions – the same place each day
    • Encourage your child to complete all set tasks per week
    • If a parent wishes to contact a teacher, understand that each teacher has over 20 students to contact and work with – so please use the email system for contact – send emails to your Deputy Principal for any issues/problems or questions you may have. Your Deputy will be the one responsible for year levels as follows:

                        ♦   Ms Paula Asplin – all students in Kindy, Pre-Primary and Year One paula.asplin@education.wa.edu.au

                        ♦   Mr Craig McIlwraith – all students in Years 2 and 3 craig.mcilwraith@education.wa.edu.au

                        ♦   Mr Rob Smyth – all students in Years 4, 5 and 6 robert.smyth@education.wa.edu.au

    Parent or student emails sent directly to teachers will be passed back to Deputies (as above) – the reason for this is so that teachers are not inundated with requests at all times during the day – teachers are also teaching real-time classes as well during the term, so contact cannot be made at any time.

    • Ensure your child can stretch and relax at least every half hour/hour
    • Understand that all videos, uploaded lessons, and material distributed by Caladenia and the Department of Education at this time is subject to all rights and responsibilities of copyright and the Caladenia Computer Use Policy and User Agreement – any student in breach of these policies will be subject to removal from online learning resources and materials.
    • Parents are advised that if your child is having difficulty accessing the videos on our webpage or the lessons via the ‘CONNECT’ platform, you should contact the school on 9456 1144.
    • Encourage your child to catch up with anything missed
    • Understand that this is school time and make it clear to them that everything they are doing has a responsibility attached – they are responsible for their home learning.
    • As a school teaching community, Caladenia does not endorse this approach as the most effective teaching tool – that is, we know there will be varying degrees of successes/challenges and we may have to amend the program along the way.

    Ted Nastasi


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