• Year 6 Camp Permission

    12 February 2016

    Dear Parents / Care-givers,

    This note is to provide you with some information concerning the 2016 Year 6 Camp to Point Walter Recreation Centre in Term 4.

    Here are some details:-

    WHEN:                                        Monday 21 November to Wednesday 23 November.

    WHERE:                                      Point Walter Recreation Centre Camp (Stock Road Bicton)

    WHO CAN ATTEND:           The camp is offered to all students in Year 6.  Please bear in mind that attending a school camp is a privilege – not a right. Students who have consistently demonstrated poor self-control and lack of consideration for the rights of others could be excluded.

    SUPERVISION:                        All students will be well supervised at all times by Caladenia staff. All activities are led by fully qualified instructors, employed specifically by the Department of Sport and Recreation for this purpose.

    COST:                                          The Camp cost is $300.00 per student. This includes accommodation, meals, transport and activities such as mountain bike riding, sports, raft making, archery and riding a 100m Flying Fox.

    All other details, such as departure/return times, medical/permission forms, lists of equipment to bring, camp timetables, etc., will also be provided in Week 4 Term 4.

    Calculating the overall cost per student depends upon the total number of students attending. It is important therefore, that parents indicate whether their child will be attending camp. There are two things which you need to complete to assist our planning:-

    ·       Fill in the form below and send it back to your child’s class teacher by Friday 19 February.

    ·       A deposit of $100.00 can be paid any time before the end of Term 1. Payment can be made by cash, direct deposit or cheque (if this is a problem please contact our Corporate Services Manager, Donna Eley, to discuss alternative arrangements).

    Thanking you for your support,

    Damien Harbison

    Year 6 Co-ordinator


    Year 6 Camp 2016

    I have read and understood the attached information regarding the Year 6 Camp to Point Walter Recreation Camps from:


    Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 November 2016

    Cost $300.00

    We request the parent permission be returned to the school by Friday 19th February to allow us to provide the campsite with numbers / book buses / plan activities.


    I give my consent for my son/daughter _______________________ to attend the Year 6 Camp to Point Walter Recreation Camp.

    Name of Parent/Guardian__________________________________

    Signature of parent/guardian: ____________ Date: ____________