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    9 March 2018    |    Issue 2    |    Term 1


    ‘A loving heart is the truest wisdom.’
    ~ Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

    From the Principal’s Desk

    Upcoming Events

    Tue 7 Mar
    Fri 16 Mar

    Swimming Lessons
    Group 1
    Mon 19 Mar
    Early Close
    Students finish at 11.00am
    Tue 20 Mar
    Early Close
    Student finish at 11.00am
    Wed 21 Mar
    Harmony Day Ceremony
    Mon 26 Mar
    Yr 6 Student Executives’
    visit to Parliament House
    Tue 27 Mar
    Yr 6 Student Executives’
    visit to Parliament House
    Thu 29 Mar
    Senior Assembly
    Yr 4 Room 12
    Fri 30 Mar Good Friday Public Holiday
    Mon 2 Apr
    Easter Monday Public Holiday
    Tues 3 Apr
    Easter Tuesday Public
    Holiday (Schools)
    Thu 5 Apr Summer Carnival
    Fri 6 Apr Pyjama Day
    Thu 12 Apr ANZAC Day Assembly
    Thu 12 Apr Last Day of Term 1 for Students
    Fri 13 Apr
    Staff Development Day

    Important Information

    Text Absences
    0417 984 196

    Caladenia App

    Uniform Shop Location
    Unit 3/9 Yampi Way
    Willetton WA 6155
    Phone : 9270 4669

    School Banking
    Friday 8.10am – 8.30am

    Helping Hands
    0448 025 638

    Excelsior Dental Therapy
    9256 4170

    Dear Parents/Guardians

    International Day for Women (Thursday 8 March)

    I believe that women in our society have always been the focal point of family structure. They hold a complex but vital role in our children’s lives these days.

    I wish all of the women in our wonderful community a belated but meaningful International Day for Women. I think you are the mainstay of our society and you work extremely hard at being family bonding experts as well as being highly successful in the work you do outside of the home.

    Personally, I appreciate and respect you for the complex and vital roles you play in society.

    Let us nurture and look after women and hold them in the highest esteem EVERY day of our lives.


    Thank goodness for some hot weather for swimming lessons this year. The lessons commenced without problems this week. A huge vote of thanks goes to Mr. Craig McIlwraith for organising and ensuring this smooth start. Swimming continues until Friday 16 March and the second Round of Swimming is in Term 4 for the other half of our students.


    Please remember that the Easter Break this year is Good Friday 30 March to Easter Tuesday 3 April, inclusive.

    World’s Greatest Shave

    On Monday 12 March (this Monday), one of our teachers, Mr Travis Smith (Year 3), is having his head shaved for raising funds for the Leukemia Foundation. He is doing this in memory of our past student, Younis Alagha, who passed away in 2016 of cancer. Mr Smith will have his hair bun cut off by Younis’ brother, Mohammed in the Undercover Area on Monday at 1.00pm, followed by a whole head shave by Ms Wall’s sister.

    Mr Smith is a brave young man and we admire him for this generous fund raiser for the Leukemia Foundation. It is timely to remember that we should never forget the large number of people in our world who are in need of extra care or assistance in finding medical cures for illnesses. Our students and families remember and pass our best wishes to the Alagha family and we hope that everyone in our Caladenia community can help raise funds for research for cancer.

    Please place your donations in the box in the Office – it is labelled Leukemia Foundation.

    Academic Notes

    Our teachers have worked hard in the past twelve months to make improvements to our strategies and policies so that we can improve our students’ futures even more. These whole school plans are reviewed and checked and analysed by the School Board and ratified as Policy and directives from the Caladenia community. The whole school plans include

    ·         The Whole School Improvement Plan 2018

    ·         Business Plan 2018-2020

    ·         Strategic Plan 2018

    ·         Quality Teaching and Learning Policy, Handbook 2018

    ·         Scope and Sequence Programs of Work

    These documents include all the strategies and processes we use in our school, developed by the staff, reviewed by staff and Board and tweaked each year for better improvements.

    You may want to talk with our classroom teachers about how these impact the student learning.

    We are very proud of our initiatives and successes because we have all worked hard to achieve these through carefully guided development and growth of each of the strategies. We are indeed being the “best that we can be”.

    Early Close

    We will be asking all parents to pick up their children from school at 11.00am on the Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 March so that Interviews can take place with parents on a rostered basis (place your names on classroom lists for these interviews).

    Each teacher will be able to give you an accurate assessment of where your children are in their learning cycle for their current Year Level. As you are aware, we work on the basis of NO SURPRISES to parents in terms of student learning progress – no Reporting cycle should ever be a surprise to any parent as you would know where they are at with regular Test Feedback and Interviews during the year.

    Thank you for your cooperation and involvement with your child’s learning progress.

    Harmony Day Assembly 21 March

    During the week commencing the 19 March, each classroom will be focusing on learning about our multicultural world, festivities, rites, celebrations and lifestyles. With over 57% of our school population coming from a non-English speaking background, we have much diversity and richness of cultures to celebrate. Although we don’t focus on any one culture, we do recognise and appreciate everyone’s place of birth and background. On Wednesday 21 March, we will be having a Harmony Day Assembly where students can dress in their own National Costumes for a Parade.

    It is an enlightening and highly enjoyable week of sharing and learning and understanding each other better.   

    New Bollards

    We have placed bollards around the entrance to the school to stop parking occurring on our new lawns and near corners where people coming out of the streets cannot see around parked cars on verges.

    These bollards will make it safer for children to walk on footpaths without fear of cars backing up on them when parked illegally.

    Thank you to the majority of parents who are moving around the school in an anticlockwise direction (entering Bushy Gardens and exiting Beauly Parade) – it has made the flow of traffic much smoother and safer for children as set-downs and pick-ups arte on the school side of the road and students can walk safely onto the footpaths.

    Well done to you all.  

    Love your children as if there was no tomorrow. – Anon

    Thank you.

    Ted Nastasi

    School News


    We would like to extend a thank you to all families that supported the 2018 Read A Thon at Caladenia Primary School.  Members of the Student Executive drew the raffle on Monday 26 February and the following students were lucky enough to win a prize.

    Safiyah PP5 Abigail Room 21
    Nate Room 30 Lucas Room 30
    Sasha Room 31 Eva Room 24
    Keith Room 14 Hamza Room 26
    Darsh Room 31 Sonia Room 23
    Semindee Room 19    

    Honour Certificates – Senior Assembly

    Congratulations to the following students who received a Certificate at the Senior Assembly on Thursday, 22 February 2018.

    Senior Honour Certificates

    Ella Bryan Anushree Zane Albie Mansur Samuel Natasha
    Angela Chuqi Tina Raphael Erin Dyuthi Iniyaa Jenileen
    Kourosh Geremy Diana Eric Kemitha Brody Kai Shanaya
    Rheya-Lavina Hans Johan Aarabhi Japanese
    Room 36
    Room 19
    Room 35
    Phys Ed
    Room 14

     Honour Certificates – Junior Assembly

    Congratulations to the following students who received an Honour Certificate at the Junior Assembly on Friday, 2 March 2018.

    Junior Honour Certificates

    Grace Jonah Hasnain Alex Leon Zoe Nabila Lucas
    Andrew Zachary Aubrey Rashitha Sifat Thisath Edwin Tara-Revina
    Nate Chelsea Emiliya Giovel Charlotte Yara Jeremy Charmaine
    Trish Haavansh Desandu Darsh Music
    Room 20
    Phys Ed
    Room 31

    Room 20



    Class News

    Year 6 Room 35

    In Room 35 we always try to have a positive attitude by having a Growth Mindset in order to reach our learning goals. We had fun creating “I believe in my #selfie” and reminding ourselves to never give up!

    We have been learning about microorganisms as part of Life and Living in Science. Students have set up a number of investigations to investigate the behaviour of yeast in different conditions and temperatures. Students have learned that yeast grows, feeds on sugar and excretes carbon dioxide gas that can be seen in the balloon. Yeast is useful to us in different ways with the most well-known being in bread making. Later this term we will be investigating the growth of mould. 

    In HASS we have been researching the Famous Faces of the Australian Federation and created a “Hall of Fame”.

    In Writing, we became poets and explored the use of figurative language to compare Love to Earth’s beauty using our senses.

    “Love is a blanket of white snow covering the field of mountains”.
    “It sounds like the soft pitter-patter on the windowsill.”
    “It Feels like a warm fire place on a cold, winter’s day.”
    “It looks like a tranquil sunset sinking into the horizon.”
    “It tastes like a soothing chocolate melting on my tongue.”
    “It smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers picked from nourished soil.”
    “Love is a delicate flower.”

     Pre Primary Room 7

    Lots of exciting things have been happening in PP5!

    In science we have been learning about the parts of the plant and their purpose.

    We each planted our own bean seeds and will be taking photos of them as they grow and change over the next few weeks. We will then sequence our photos and describe our observations- just like real scientists!

     We have also been busy designing, creating and labeling our perfect plant from a range of collage materials. Don’t they look awesome!



    Uniform Shop

    A reminder that the Uniform Shop is not longer located at the school grounds and has now relocated to the premises below:
    Uniform Concepts
    Unit 3/9 Yampi Way
    Willetton 6155
    Phone : 9270 4669
    Email : Willetton@uc.nellgray.com.au

     P&C News

    P&C Committee

    Our P&C would like to thank the school community for the support you have shown during our first half of the term—please, keep it coming! 

    Every Friday we will be selling Smooze Frozen Fruit pouches at the gates as our children leave school at 2:30pm. Every $2 given is a small step towards our air-conditioning.

    Easter Raffle tickets have been sent home with your child, we are excited to see the donations rolling in to provide some fantastic Easter baskets to our Raffle winner’s in week 9. 

    Aimi Richards
    P&C President



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