• Newsletter – 6 September 2017


    6 September 2017    |    Issue 3   |    Term 3


    “Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.” Albert Achweitzer

    From the Principal’s Desk

    Upcoming Events

    Thu 7 Sep
    Senior Assembly Year 5 Rm 21
    Tue 11 –
    Thu 14 Sep
    School Photos
    Fri 15 Sep Junior Assembly Year 2 Rm 9
    Fri 15 Sep P&C School Disco
    Mon 18 Sep Year 2 Kalamunda History Excursion
    Tue 19 Sep Massed Choir Rehearsal
    11am – 2pm
    Wed 20 Sep Year 2 Kalamunda History Excursion
    Wed 20 Sep Massed Choir Concert
    7.30pm – 9pm
    Thu 21 Sep Senior Assembly MAC Rm 19
    Fri 22 Sep Last Day of Term 3
    Mon 9 Oct First Day of Term 4

    Important Information

    Text Absences
    0417 984 196

    Caladenia App

    Uniform Shop Hours
    Monday 8.00am -10.30am
    Thursday 1.30pm – 3.45pm
    Email : caladeniaps@uc.nellgray.com.au

    School Banking
    Friday 8.10am – 8.30am

    Helping Hands
    0448 025 638

    Excelsior Dental Therapy
    9256 4170

    Dear Parents and Care Givers,

    Senior Student Executive 2018

    The 2018 Senior Executive Student Council has been elected by the students of the school and the Head Girl and Boy selected by the Principal from that group of students.

    Congratulations to

    • Takayah – Head Girl
    • Beau – Head Boy
    • Georgia
    • Madison
    • Mikayla
    • Aarabhi
    • Hans
    • Kael
    • Jackson
    • Kayden
    • Ronan

    These students will be shadowing the existing 2017 Senior Councillors for the rest of this year in transitioning towards 2018.  The new Councillors will be responsible for running the Graduation Ceremony this year, as is our tradition at Caladenia.


    Once again, well done Years 3 and 5 students for our best ever results in NAPLAN – the changes to our processes and strategies we adopted through teacher collaboration a few years back and reviewed each year since, have proven to be super effective in our delivery and improvement planning each year. I am so proud of our teachers who have worked so smartly in delivering such quality teaching strategies based on our philosophy of common understandings producing common best practice teaching equating to improved common assessment practices, have led us towards producing results which can easily be measured each year as they are common across the whole school and, therefore, trackable in terms of tweaking and improving each and every year. Thank you to our wonderful staff for attending to their professional learning and class visitations with such professional aplomb that it gladdens my heart. Our students are the recipients of a quality team of professional educators committed to providing the best in strategies and assessment and reviews. Well done, Staff Team. I am proud of our successes together as students/teachers/parents Team.

    Book Parade

    Our Book Week has been characterized by students not only buying new books and helping our Library to stock new selections, but also in lots of student- reading taking place. It is so good to see our students engaging in the best practice of all – extending their minds and imaginations and understandings of multi-faceted genres of written texts. Thank you, parents, for your generous and helpful development of your children’s reading abilities through Book Week. Hopefully this reading will continue on throughout their lives. Reading is the chief source for improvement in all areas at primary school.

    Social Development of Students

    Our aim is to progress each and every child in the school to the best achievement possible. We believe that every student is capable of improvement and we strive very hard to ensure that this is the case. We teach our students to socialize and develop their interpersonal skills with each other and with adults.

    We do this through classroom connections of building relationships and maintaining them through proper and descriptive communication – that is, we teach students to speak with each other and adults in long sentences, adopting a good social sense in maintaining conversation beyond simple yes and no answers.

    We also teach our students to use good manners with all people they come in contact with at school. Again, simple things like “thank you, excuse me, please, you are welcome” and so on, teach our students to be mindful of each other and how each of us feels when we are treated with dignity and respect. Every child in our school is respected and cared for and nurtured each and every day and that is what constitutes the culture of our school. We do not allow yelling at one another (adults or students), keeping a quiet and calm manner. We work at this every day and our students understand and live this culture while at school – our students are truly amazing and do their best to “be the best they can be”.

    Our school is a wonderful place where students feel safe, protected, loved and nurtured to grow up as decent social citizens. Your help in this process is much appreciated and recognized by staff at Caladenia. Thank you staff and parents and, most of all, thank you students for holding onto our ideals of being the best.

    Thank you.

    Ted Nastasi

     School News

    Top Secret Kindy News – Bunnings News

    On Monday 7th  and Tuesday 8th August, Bunnings came to Caladenia Kindy to make a secret gift for Daddy. The children learnt how to safely use real hammers and nails and were all able to carefully follow instructions to make something very special for Father’s day.

    This week Kindy held a Father’s Day afternoon and the children sang some special songs and danced. They also did some fun activities and presented Dad with their special gift.

    Interschool Cross Country

    On the 18th August, nearly 50 students from Caladenia participated in the 2017 Interschool Cross Country held at Homestead Park in Thornlie.  The course was made even more challenging by the large amount of rain that had fallen days prior to the event.  In saying this, I think the students actually enjoyed running through the squelching mud patches and small pools of water.  In summary, the team participated with enthusiasm and determination.  The success we experienced on the day was not measured by medals, but the effort of students who gave everything they had to make sure they finished the race.  A very big thank you to Mr Pham for being the chief motivator On the day!

    Third Place Year 3 Girls Sharni
    Champion Year 4 Boys Koby
    Runner Up Year 4 Boys Steven
    Third Place Year 4 Boys Jesse
    Champion Year 6 Boys Tom

    Honour Certificates –  Senior Assembly

    Congratulations to the following students who received an Honour Certificate at the Senior Assembly on Thursday, 24 August 2017.

    Senior Honour Certificates

    Angelique Chandana Dihein Natalie Mariah Geremy Kanye Ashika
    Tamlin Lucas Erin Rijuta Abby Ridha Kanishkka Elena
    Daniel Ahdie Leen Jayden Grace Rithika Nico Rhys
    Catelyn Gurbaz Serena Japanese
    Yr 4
    Rm 25
    Music Yr 5
    Rm 21
    Art Yr 3 Rm 36

    Honour Certificates –  Junior Assembly

    Congratulations to the following students who received an Honour Certificate at the Junior Assembly on Thursday, 1 September 2017.

    Junior Honour Certificates

    Alexander Jiordano Sifat Lachlan Sukayna Shahil Ashton Ethan
    Shalayla Leshelle Thanvi Anjanaa Ridhita Alexis Mae-Lynn Abdullah
    Ophelia Ellie Yara Henry Selina Brodie Viraat Isaia
    Stanley Deva Dylan Mariam Lishaanth Anisha Luke Music Yr 1
    Room 10


    P&C and School Board News

    P&C News

    The Caladenia Primary School Parents and Citizens Association is a representative body between the Parents and Citizens of the school community and the School Board and Principal Staff. The P&C Committee is a valuable partner to the school, we are the voice of the parents and carers.

    We hold meetings once a term to discuss happenings of the school and ways to contribute to the schools resources through various fundraising projects.

    The P&C committee members all wear their badges whilst in the school community and encourage you to come up to us and have a chat about ways in which you could help out on the committee.  We send out newsletters throughout the term via email which includes information on what we are up to and how you are able to help, these are also available for viewing on both the schools website and App.

    All parents and carers are welcome to attend the committee meetings and we look forward to having you contribute your ideas and skills to assist us work together with the school.

    I have been a member of the school community since 2011.  I have been on the Caladenia School board for the last 2 years.

    My only child is now in Year 5, being well prepared to face the challenges of high school in 2 years by the dedicated teachers and principals of Caladenia.  I work as a Senior Occupational Therapist in the areas of psychosocial rehabilitation.  Like most parents who have been educated outside Australia, I too have been there feeling very puzzled by the Australian education system and likewise the system at Caladenia.  Being a school board member has enhanced my understanding of why Caladenia operates in the way it does. I have realised the challenges faced by the hardworking academic and non-academic staff members whose primary focus is to achieve the best they can for our children.  Often, we do not understand why things are done the way it is.  Please speak to one of us on the school board if you have a suggestion or you are able to support the school activities.  I look forward to all of us working as one community with one goal – the best for our children.  Wishing the school community a very happy 10 years anniversary!!

    Tracy Sartori
    P&C President 2017

    Tracy Sartori President Mel Watts Vice President
    Secretary Cindy Booth Treasurer
    Caris Morris Member Judy Mekisic Member
    Angie Wittber Member Dawn Rivers Member
    Sylvain Lyonnet Member Michelle Morley Member
    Rupa Kishore Member Mikayla Reynolds Member

    School Board News

    As an Independent Public School Caladenia operates as a collaborative team with a School Board comprising of the Principal, staff, parents, community members and representation from a member of the P&C.  The School Board in partnership with the P&C work hard to help build a strong school community that responds to student needs.

    It is the responsibility of the School Board to monitor school performance and to support and assist Caladenia Primary in reviewing budgets, policies, developing strategic targets including the Business Plan.  Our members are:-

    Mrs Carole Veneris Chair
    Mr Edward Nastasi Principal
    Mrs Kate McCallum Vice Chair
    Mrs Cindy Booth P&C Representative
    Mr Chao Sun Parent Representative
    Mrs Sumathi Rajkumar Parent Representative
    Mr Scott Bringans Parent Representative
    Mr John Elson Parent Representative
    Mrs Veronica Weissflog Teacher Representative

    School Board members wear their badges whilst in the school community and would welcome the opportunity to introduce themselves and chat to you about the functions of the School Board.  We look forward to meeting with you and working as a community for the benefit of our students.  For further information in relation to the School Board, please refer to Caladenia’s web-page https://caladeniaps.wa.edu.au/parents/school-board/.

    Carole Veneris
    School Board

    Community News