• Newsletter -30 June 2017


    30 June 2017    |    Issue 5   |    Term 2


    ”Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism.” – David M. Burns

    From the Principal’s Desk

    Upcoming Events

    Fri 30 Jun

    Last day of Term 2

    Pyjama Day -Gold coin donation

    Mon 17 Jul

    Students do not attend

    Tue 18 Jul

    Students resume Term 3

    Fri 21  Jul

     Kindy Applications close

    Mon 24 Jul

    Cross Country

    Wed 26 Jul

    Yr 1 Scitech Incursion

    Fri 28 Jul

    Jnr Assembly
    Yr 2 Room 11

    Dear Parents and Care Givers,

    Holidays are Here

    It is a wonderful feeling to know you are going to spend some quality time with your children over the school holidays. We have enjoyed your children for the past ten weeks and we have worked hard together to ensure their continued top quality education. Students, like teachers, need a break from working and enjoy a well-earned rest.

    I wish the staff at Caladenia a joyous and relaxing holiday and thanks for your untiring work with the students this term.

    I wish the students and parents the best of times together over the next two weeks. Again, the students at Caladenia have been amazing and are living out our “be the best that you can be” philosophy. Thank you.

    Pyjama Day

    Today, we all enjoyed staying in our PJ’s for a good cause in raising money for the school. The P&C work hard in coming up with new ideas and events that we can all enjoy – thank you to Tracy and her Executive. It is so nice to see the teachers and students interacting in a playful way together. Thank you.

    High Performance – High Care

    This is the catchphrase for the Dept of Education WA’s Strategic Plan 2016-2019. It is in direct relationship to the Classrooms First Strategy from the Dept and focuses on the need to provide quality teaching and best practices in educational provision to our students regardless of their ability or background. As an Independent Public School, we must respond as a community to being ‘different and unique’ in order to satisfy the requirements of the Strategic Plan.

    We have done so by adding our MAC (Multi-Age Academic Class) for gifted and talented students and in bringing Explicit Instruction, Kagan and PRIME Maths into our strategies for Caladenia for the whole school. Additionally, we have developed a Quality Teaching and Learning Policy, Handbook (QTLP) so that our teaching staff have a direct link to across the school common teaching standards and targets – this means that our students are measured accurately and consistently and able to be measured for improvement far easier.

    Ask your teacher to explain to you what this looks like for your child.

    Again, thanks to the teachers who spend at least five hours per term (or more) on professional learning in order to improve their teaching craft. Well done.    

    Visual Arts

    Take some time when you are next in the front office to view some of the excellent Art work placed there for your benefit – the standard of work is exceptional. Thank you, Ms Ewing and Mr Frost. We are proud of the Art work coming from our students.


    If you are one the parents parking your car in our car parks and going off to work in a bus, you should know that doing so is illegal and you may be fined over this action and your car towed away.


    Thank you.

    Ted Nastasi


     School News

    MND (Motor Neurone Disease)

    Caladenia Primary School is holding a Motor Neurone Disease ‘Blue’ Day, to assist in raising money for research and the provision of support for the Motor Neurone Disease Association of Western Australia. The association do incredible work helping those that have been diagnosed with this incurable disease and their families.

    Motor neurone disease (MND) facts:

    • Motor neurone disease is a progressive, terminal neurological (brain) disease.
    • We all have nerve cells (neurones) that control the muscles in our body that let us move, speak, breathe and swallow.
    • Motor neurone disease is the name given to a disease where the neurones stop working normally.
    • There is no known cure or effective treatment for MND.
    • Each day in Australia, two people die from MND. Each day in Australia, two people are diagnosed.
    • People with MND slowly lose the use of their limbs (arms and legs) and the ability to speak, swallow and breathe. Their mind and senses usually remain.
    • Average life expectancy after diagnosis is only 2-5 years.

    We are lucky enough to be having an MND advisor, from the Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA, attend the senior assembly to be held on Thursday 3rd August. Parents are welcome.


    On Friday 4th August, students and teachers are invited to wear blue to show their support for this cause.  The Student Executive will be visiting classrooms for gold coin donations.

    Students can additionally support this fundraiser by buying a MND puppy for $5.00 or a MND ‘Never Give Up’ wristband for $3.00. These will be available for purchase on both Thursday 3rd August and Friday 4th August at lunch and after school outside Room 15. A small number of other merchandise items will be available to parents after school.


    Konnichiwa!  My name is Chantal Pershouse (sensei) and I’m the new teaching face of Japanese language at Caladenia Primary this year.  It has been such a pleasure to teach years three to six this semester.  Year three has kick-started their language learning and are very genki.  Year four are consolidating their hiragana characters and exploring numerical kanji.  Year five and six has been expressing ideas through structured sentences that describe more about themselves.  We certainly have had a busy semester, and there is more to come! 

    In term three we have been fortunate enough to secure a performance that is culturally rich and will complement our Japanese program.  Keep your eyes open for more details about this upcoming incursion.  We currently have year six involved in a Japan Foundation competition called Art Speaks Japanese.  In this competition, students are combining both artistic and Japanese language elements to create pieces that will be judged in a national competition.  Gambatte ne!

    Some of you might wonder why we teach Japanese here at CPS as opposed to another language.  The Japanese economy is on the rise again and major world sporting events will be hosted in Japan in 2019 and in 2020.  Japanese is a complex language and involves three writing scripts. 

    The east coast of Australia is extremely popular with Japanese tourists.  Luckily for us, Perth is also becoming a destination for homestay groups, Japanese exchange students and tourists wanting to have an ‘Aussie’ experience.  Tackling one of the more difficult Asian languages, a certain amount of discipline and persistence is embedded.  You may not be good at something…yet.  Having a second language is incredibly important in our ever-changing global economy and is truly valued in the workplace.  Students also gain a different perspective and learn to think differently by studying a second language.  And one of the most important factors here at CPS for learning Japanese is the cultural component.  We have a plethora of nationalities in our student demographic and we thrive on how our differences and cultural backgrounds make us who we are.  No matter what language you study, the benefits of language are endless.

    My door is always open!  Douzo!  I would be happy to discuss any part of your student’s language learning journey with you. 


     Book Club


    The winners of the class with the most books ordered were the MAC class (Room 19). Their class will receive 10 free books. Book Club will be running the competition again for issue 5. What a great way for your class to receive free books. The class with the most students who place an order will win.

    Caladenia Cross Country Carnival

    Monday 24th July 2017
    PRESENTATIONS : 1.40pm in the Undercover Area

    9.15am Year 1
    9.30am Year 2
    9.50am Year 3
    10.10am Year 4
    10.35am Recess
    11.00am Year 5
    11.20 Year 6


    School Board News

     Getting to Know our School Board Members

    This newsletter Nicolle Wall, (Teacher Representative) has outlined her reasons for becoming a member of the School Board.

    Carol Veneris
    School Board Chair

    “Hi, my name is Nicolle Wall and this is my fourth year teaching at Caladenia Independent Primary School. I have been a part of the School Board for a year and have found it to be really rewarding, getting to know some of the parents in our school.  I really believe that when teachers and parents work together, we can achieve great things for our students, making them be, “The Best That They Can Be!” I support the P&C events that are run in our school and encourage others to assist where they can. Please speak to one of us on the school board if you have a suggestion or you are able to support any of the school activities.


    Nicolle Wall  19 June 2017