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    16 June 2017    |    Issue 4   |    Term 2


    “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” – Buckminster Fuller

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    Dear Parents and Care Givers,



    We know that children are eager to want to bring their latest toy or piece of equipment or play-thing. Unfortunately, this has created some very poor decision-making in some students these last few days. Things have a habit of getting lost and then we are asked to be responsible for this loss (either stolen or lost). It is very difficult getting to know how these items were lost in the first place without doing bag searches and such. This is very demoralising for the majority of students who do not bring valuables to school. The simplest way to avoid disappointments is to not bring valuables to school anytime. Please do not allow your child to bring things to school that are valuable to them or you.



    This brings me to some disturbing practices of a very small group of several students recently who have embarked on a spree of dishonesty. I ask that you support us in the modelling of sound values in this regard. If you tell the truth always, you never have to worry about who you have lied to in the past and what that lie was – a complicated and unhappy life awaits these people. We teach our students to be “the best that they can be” at all times – that means total honesty, even if that means owning up to your actions and consequences. I understand that we hold high moral and social values but that is one of the very things that makes our school such a wonderful place.



    Ms George is retiring at the end of this term due to family reasons. Her teaching and connection to the children in her care have been exemplary and fruitful both for her and the students. We wish her the best of wishes for a happy and healthy retirement. Thanks, Ms George, from the community of Caladenia.


    Thank you.

    Ted Nastasi


     School News

    Winter Carnival – AFL

     The Year 5/6 AFL Team created history at the Winter Carnival played on Thursday 1 June at Sutherlands Park, winning the school’s first ever shield in football.  I was proud of how each of the players committed to training three times each week prior to the carnival, the manner in which they conducted themselves on and off the field.  This achievement was made even more special due to the fact that 12 out of the 20 players are current Year 5 students.  I would like to pay special tribute to the team’s leadership group, Captain Zac Petersen, Vice Captains Tom Murray and Kai D’Souza. These young men worked tirelessly to organise training sessions, to motivate their team mates on the field and ensure each player maintained a high degree of sportsmanship.  The team will officially present the shield to the school during the first assembly held in Term 3.  The scores for the day are listed below.


    Caladenia 28 v Bletchley Park 16

    Caladenia 51 v Campbell 6

    Caladenia 79 v Canning Vale 2

    Caladenia 43 v Piara Waters 19

    Caladenia 67 v Ranford 0

    Winter Carnival – Netball


    Well done to all the girls and boys who represented Caladenia at the SCSSA Netball Carnival. It was a fun filled day where the teams versed 8 other schools.  Everyone tried their best and it was great to see how much our skills improved over the day.  Our teamwork and sportsmanship was outstanding and I was very proud of everyone.  A special mention goes to the fantastic Year 5 team who ended up winning the Division C trophy!  Thank you to Mrs Evans for her great coaching and Miss Hunter who stepped in and coached our Division C team and umpired nearly every game.

    Tracy Holmes

    PE Specialist

    Introduction to AUSLAN – Year 4 Room 15

     At the end of Term One, Year Four students were introduced to AUSLAN (sign language) and the AUSLAN alphabet by fellow peer Lucy Macri. Those that showed interest have created an AUSLAN Club that is held every Tuesday at lunch time. During these sessions, students have been learning signs for animals, colours, weather and places from Lucy and Mrs Murray.  I am extremely proud of these students for the commitment and enthusiasm they have shown towards learning a new skill. Above all, they have supported the value of an inclusive school environment at Caladenia.


    Miss Stevens


    Lucy Macri – “People want to participate in AUSLAN Club. I feel happy about students learning my language. We do new subjects every week and they enjoy it because they choose what they want to learn.”

    Molly Banks – “AUSLAN Club is a good class. Lucy and Mrs Murray organise it and you learn lots of things to sign. My favourite part is getting to choose what we want to learn about next.”

    Kiss and Drive Closure


    The kiss and drive on Bushy Gardens, will be unavailable from the 19th June to 30 June 2017 due to the bus for swimming lessons needing to collect the children in the mornings.

     School Bo

    Please note students return for Term 3 on Tuesday 18 July 2017. Not Monday 17 July as previously published


    Community News


    Getting to Know our School Board Members

    This newsletter Veronica Weissflog, (Teacher Representative) has outlined her reasons for becoming a member of the School Board.

    Carol Veneris
    School Board Chair

    “Hello everyone I am Veronica (Mrs Weissflog) currently a year 2 teacher, here at Caladenia and have been here since 2010. This is my second year as a teacher representative on the school board. The combination of parent, administration and teaching staff on the board enables us to have meaningful conversations about our school and its direction with input from all. These professional conversations are collaborative with a common goal for making Caladenia and our students the best they can be.  I have adult children now but am reminded at these meetings of how important it is to have input from a range of people. The school operates with the best interest of the community at all times and are open to conversations at any time you have concerns.

    All members of our school board are very approachable so please ask them any questions you may have.

    Veronica Weissflog 14 June 2017.”