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    16 February 2018    |    Issue 1    |    Term 1


    ‘Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.’
    ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

    From the Principal’s Desk

    Upcoming Events

    Thurs 22 Feb
    Senior Assembly
    Fri 2 Mar
    Junior Assembly
    Mon 5 Mar
    Labour Day – Public Holiday
    Tues 7 Mar to Fri 19 Mar
    Swimming Lessons Group 1
    Mon 19 Mar
    Early Close
    Students collected @11am
    Tue 20 Mar
    Early Close
    Students collected @ 11am
    Wed 21 Mar
    Harmony Day Ceremony
    Thu 29 Mar Senior Assembly
    Fri 30 Mar
    Good Friday
    Mon 28 Mar Easter Monday Public Holiday
    Tues 29 Mar Easter Tuesday Public
    Holiday (Schools)
    Fri 6 Apr PJ Day
    Thu 12 Apr ANZAC Day Assembly
    Thu 12 Apr Last Day of Term 1
    Fri 13 Apr School Development Day

    Important Information

    Text Absences
    0417 984 196

    Caladenia App

    Uniform Shop Hours
    Tuesday 8.30am – 9.00am
    Thursday 8.30am – 9.00am

    School Banking
    Friday 8.10am – 8.30am

    Helping Hands
    0448 025 638

    Excelsior Dental Therapy
    9256 4170

    Dear Parents/Guardians


    Welcome back to Caladenia. I do hope your holidays with your children were filled with joy and happiness.

    A warm welcome to the many new parents to the school and we hope your family’s involvement in the school is a happy one and filled with much success and growth for your children.


    The start of the year is frustrating for many people dropping off or picking up children as they get used to the busyness of the streets and car parks around the school. However, there are some practices that parents need to be aware that are very dangerous for children and drivers:

    • Please do not park on the grass/paths on the corners of streets as it stops students and parents from seeing clearly what traffic is approaching
    • Do not park on the grass verges and our new lawns as there are reticulation pipes and sprinklers which cost us money out of our meager school budgets to replace, not to mention the water cost if broken.
    • Please do not park in staff car parks because staff need to get settled for their classrooms and cannot park anywhere – it is a duty of care issue for us looking after your children.
    • Parking on footpaths is a very dangerous practice as students ride and walk on these around the school – you may inadvertently back into an unsuspecting child and seriously harm them. It happens.
    • The Kiss and Drop is just that – you should not park here as parents are waiting to use it as it should be – drop and take off immediately.

    It is an even better practice if we can learn to walk or ride to school – the distances are not great and it is far healthier for our children.

    Academic Notes

    We stepped up to the next level of improvement during 2017 in our results of student achievement by making further adjustments to our teaching strategies and common teaching practices across the school. Each year, the School Board reviews our results/data and makes suggestions about what we may do to improve in our rate of success in teaching and learning. Each year, as a result of these reviews by staff, Board and Executive, we amend our Quality Teaching and Learning Policy, Handbook 2018(for this year) and our Strategic Plan 2018. We follow our Whole School Improvement Plan 2018 and this outlines how and why we make improvements in our plans for change. We have a very progressive and professional staff who work smart to produce the best results by improving their teaching practices 5 times each term after school. Talk with your classroom teacher about how we do this – they will explain our approaches and specific ways of what, why and how we teach. You will be excited by what we can achieve in working together with you (especially in reading) to improve student achievement.

    Thank you for helping your children practice their reading every day.

     The Department has produced three directives for all schools:

    • Classrooms First highlights teachers doing what they do best
    • Focus 2018 – setting out standards and quality educational provision for every child Strategic Plan
    • 2016-2019 (High Performance-High Care) – proper care and high standards for every child in the State.

    These documents are worth reading and knowing as they spell out clearly what all schools should be achieving for their students these days. They are non-negotiable directions that the Director General and the Minister for Education want from us. We are tracking very well in this regard by being ahead of the game and results on the board from academic and social/psychological viewpoints.

    Uniform Shop

    The Uniform Shop is now at Unit 3, 9 Yampi Way, Willetton. The Shop caters for all sizing and trying clothes on and should always stock everything your children need for correct Caladenia Dress Code.

    It is open during normal business hours and so is far more readily accessible to you any day you need it.

    Thank you.

    New Staff

    We welcome the following new staff to our wonderful school. They have been selected on the basis of making the best fit occur for our students and needs.

    • Ms C. Perera – Kindy
    • Ms N. van den Heever – PP
    • Mr T. Smith – Year 3
    • Mr A. Caldera – Year 3
    • Ms S. Beatty – Year 5
    • Ms S. Wingfield – Year 6
    • Ms V.Hunter – Year 6
    • Mr S. Hunt – PE Coordinator
    • Ms Y. Witt – Japanese LOTE

    We also welcome back Ms Kylie Hemingway, Ms J. Catherall into Pre-Primary work – we missed them. Also welcome back to Mr B. Johnson, Ms J. Hamilton and Ms K. Della Vedova.

    We wish all new staff a productive and effective year ahead. They are all aware of our very high standards and results and have fitted in very well indeed to our school philosophy and quality/excellence.

    Have a wonderful year and I wish you and your family the most joyous educational experience.

    Thank you for providing us with the privilege of helping you raise your children in their educational and emotional development. It is not a privilege that we take lightly.

    Thank you.

    Ted Nastasi

    School  News

    Bushfire Evacuation Plan

    In the event of an Evacuation or Bushfire the school will contact parents via an SMS message. We ask that parents restrict calling the school at this time, and to seek up to date information through the ABC local radio. The school will contact parents to advise collection procedures if needed.


    Uniform Shop

    A reminder that the Uniform Shop is no longer on the school grounds and has now relocated to the premises below:

    Uniform Concepts
    Unit 3/9 Yampi Way
    Willetton WA 6155
    Phone : 9270 4669
    Email : willetton@uc.nellgray.com.au
    Open :
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9am to 5pm
    Thursday 9am to 6pm
    Saturday 9am to 1pm

    Care Packages for Australian Troops

    Last year our generous school donated many essential items to be shipped off to the Soldiers in the Middle East for Christmas.                                                     

    We have received some lovely letters for the contributions as well as a Certificate of Appreciation that we will display in the front office. Please see the letters below.


    To the staff and students at Caladenia Primary School;

    My name is Kate and I am a soldier in the Australian Army. I am currently serving in the Middle East for 6 months. My section and I recently received care packages from your school, and I wanted to write and thank you for taking the time to put them together and send them.

    Included in the packages were some letters from your students, with some questions which I thought they would like an answer to.

    Leen (Yr 5) asked:
    Which AFL team I go for? I go for Hawthorn, because I am from Tasmania, and that is the closest team to us.
    What languages do I speak? I only speak English, but I do wish I spoke other languages. We have people in our section who speak Hindi, Arabic, Indonesian, Japanese and Tagalog (a language in the Phillipines) because we have lots of people in the Army who have come to Australia from other countries, like you. It would be very useful to speak Arabic where I am now!

    Cade has drawn a very good picture of a cat and asked:
    What is my name? My name is Kathryn, Kate for short.
    What is my favourite sport? My favourite sport is Lacrosse. I played it from Grade 6 right through school and afterwards.
    What is my favourite animal? That is a hard question! I have a cat called Tipsy, she is black with orange and white bits, and she is the favourite animal that I know. But when I go to the Zoo in Melbourne I like watching the red pandas.

    I also have letters from Aarabhi (Yr 5), who has lovely hand writing and did a great drawing on the back; Jackson Werder who included a very funny joke – here’s one back – What do you call cheese that’s not yours? Nacho Cheese!; Rheya, Kloves, Keira, Dylan and Kaydn who also have lovely handwriting and said some very nice things;  Jen Jay (Yr 1), who did an excellent drawing of a soldier and some medals; and Audrine (Yr 2), who told me about your school excursions and incursions and did an absolutely stunning drawing of some poppies.

    There was also a typed letter from, I think, another class, who said they were 4, 5, and 6 students and all signed at the bottom. They told me about what they do when they get home, and that they were studying ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and Australian troops serving overseas. Thanks to them also.
    I am sure there were other packages which have gone to other soldiers, and I hope they have time to respond too.

    Kate Hibbert                                                
    Transport Supervisor                                        
    Force Support Element                                        
    Middle East Region “

    Kindy 2A and 2B 2018

    We are having a wonderful start to the year with lots of happy faces from children and their families. The students have been busy settling into the classroom and making new friends. The students have enjoyed painting, play dough and craft activities as well as playing in the playground. We look forward to an exciting year together! Miss Williams.

    Kindy 3A and 3B 2018

    We have had a wonderful start to the new year down in kindy! We have made many new friends and started to learn lots of new skills. We cannot wait for the rest of the year and the many adventures it has in store for us!


     School Board and P&C News

    Welcome to the 2018 P&C Committee

    We look forward to a wonderful year ahead.

    President – Aimi Richards
    Vice President – Mel Watts
    Secretary – Danika Sutherland
    Board Representative – Cindy Booth
    Treasurer – Tia Mello
    Executive Members – Chelsea Walker, Tina Lynch-Blosse, Peta Lilywhite




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