• Newsletter – 11 May 2018


    11 May 2018    |    Issue 1    |    Term 2


    “Life is what you make it”. – Grandma Moses (1860 – 1961)

    From the Principal’s Desk

    Upcoming Events

    Tues to Thur 15-17 May


    Thur 24 May
    Senior Assembly Room 32
    Fri 1 June
    Junior Assembly Room 28
    Mon 4 June

    Western Australia Day – PUBLIC HOLIDAY

    Thu 7 June
    Senior Assembly Rooms 36 and 14
    Fri 8 June
    Fri 15 June

    Junior Assembly Room 10

    Winter Carnival

    Tue 19 June
    Parent/Teacher Night 4.30pm Concert 5-6.30 Classes open
    Thur 21 June
    Senior Assembly Rooms 24 and 33
    Fri 22 June DISCO
    Thur 28 June Girls Football Carnival
    Fri 29 June

    Junior Assembly Rooms 30 and 16

    Favourite Colour Dress Day

    Last Day of Term



    Important Information

    Text Absences
    0417 984 196

    Caladenia App

    Uniform Shop Location
    Unit 3/9 Yampi Way
    Willetton WA 6155
    Phone : 9270 4669

    School Banking
    Friday 8.10am – 8.30am

    Helping Hands
    0448 025 638

    Excelsior Dental Therapy
    9256 4170

    Dear Parents/Guardians

    Driving/ Parking

    We have stated many times in many ways that the life/safety of your child depends on you making good decisions when driving to and from school every day.

    Schools in the City of Gosnells have met with the Mayor, Police Dept officers, Council decision-makers and parents to discuss issues around schools. We are not the only school with the problems that you see every day – many schools face the same difficulties. Schools cannot provide enough parking for the number of parents dropping off/picking up students every day.

    So it is that we spoke of many solutions/ideas on what can be done and the following have been approved by our own P&C/School Board and Council:

    • If all cars enter the drop off/pick up around the entire school site via Bushy Gardens and leave via Westray/Citrus/Beauly Gardens in a one way fashion it means that all students would be dropped off/picked up on the school side of the road only and would minimise the risk of injury by not having to cross a very busy road at peak times
    • Kiss and Drop areas are marked clearly – they are NOT for parking and only quick drop/pick up should take place as it stops the flow of traffic behind you who are trying to do the right thing – to get in and out quickly.
    • Park in designated places only around the school, not just in front of entry gates – the oval is a safe enough place for children to walk across and into school on their own.
    • NEVER park on footpaths and grassed areas as these are areas where young students walk and you may not see them when reversing or pulling out – it is illegal and Park Rangers have told us that we will not be handing our warnings any more – illegal practices will be immediate fines.
    • Children riding to schools on their own bikes/conveyances MUST wear helmets as per the Law.
    • Parking in front of or on people’s driveways constitutes illegal parking and residents will take a photo of your vehicle and send to Council.
    • Walk to school in good weather
    • Our P&C (our parents) will be out helping people do the right thing in brightly coloured vests – watch out for them and give them your support and help them protect your children from harm.

    We understand that these points may raise some people’s blood pressure but it is not designed to do that – we can only protect your children if you help protect your own children from harm – please drive slowly, only park where you are allowed and use the Kiss & Drop areas sensibly and traffic will flow smoothly for every one – please use the one way traffic idea.

    If this saves ONE child from being injured or worse, then it is worth the extra effort on your part.


    The Uniform Policy was reviewed by the whole school population just two years ago and the resounding opinion and wants of our parent and student body was what we have put in place. This is the Policy and you should make yourself aware of the details of it by viewing it on our website/School App. To change any part of it requires full school approval and then a Board review of the recommendations of changes. Parents taking individual responsibility to add or withdraw parts of our uniform are breaking our community’s democratic right to make decisions for the good of the whole. Individual wishes can be made known to the Principal or Board/P&C members and discussed but cannot be changed without referring to the community.

    We have a beautiful school where students and parents love the environment/atmosphere we have created with no bullying, bad language or poor choice behaviours – we love our students and they in turn love us for setting strong and powerful values/norms/manners with lots of nurturing and love attached. It is like having our own Caladenia Jigsaw – with every little piece in its place it works, as it provides us with what we have right now – a school that you all love and admire and you tell us so in many ways. To even change one little thing that we do, produces incurable consequences on the rest of our Caladenia fabric and we bit by bit change (not necessarily for the better) what we have in place. This is very clear to all of us as an educational organisation that prides itself on high standards in values as well as academics.

    Please look at the uniform with an objective frame of mind to see how it CAN work for you and if you are worried for the health of your child, please see the Principal without delay for a solution.

    Students wearing inconsistent uniforms will not be spoken to by staff – instead classroom teachers will send a note home to parents indicating the irregularity and for it to be addressed immediately.


    We have a great P&C operating and Aimi Richards with her team is performing a marvellous job with many great ideas and support from a sizeable and motivated parent body. Thank you, Aimi and parents.


    Each year, we send away a group of teachers to Melbourne to view current practices in Explicit Instruction from the John Fleming stable of schools operating the program. We have already benefited from the first group (2017) presenting and using latest skills and practices. It is a worthwhile and exciting confidence builder for teachers. We get immense value from the practice. Good luck to the seven teachers who are going in a couple of weeks’ time.

     Our Students

    A few points about our wonderful students at Caladenia need to be stated. We are immensely proud of our students for the manners they use at school, the improved communication with each other and adults, the way they treat one another is amazing, the self fix-its they do each and every day is without equal (behaviours are rarely an issue for our teachers and students) and the work that teachers do each and every day to ensure student growth in these areas is astounding.

    Our school is a calm and relaxing place and characterised by people getting on with one another in a happy and harmonious manner. We all work at it each and every day- it is hard work but our belief in building strong relationships with our students and each other pays dividends in ways that are (in schools) unimaginable, until now. We have one of those magical schools where students, teachers and the Principal love coming to school day in and day out. It is an amazing place to work.

    This has been possible due to your partnership with us and the work you do with your children at home that makes our work with your children even more rewarding. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of educating your children. We love each and every one of them dearly as if they are our own.

    Thank you for the support and assistance you give us at Caladenia.

    Ted Nastasi

    Class News

    Year 1 Room 21

    On Wednesday 9th May, Room 21 and Room 10 went to the Brownes Dairy Factory in Balcatta. We learned about products that are made from milk and saw how the milk is put into cartons. We also talked to Jackie the food scientist, who gave us samples of yoghurt to taste and identify the flavours. The most exciting part of our excursion was when we got to pat and milk Jersey the cow. Our excursion was fantastic and we all had a great time.

    Year 6 Room 23

    The year six students have been doing some investigative research into the impact of technology on our lives.  In particular, we have examined how electronics can overstimulate the brain of toddlers, the negative impact social media can have on mental health and the link between poor social skill development and the overconsumption of technology.  We have backed and supported our own ideas with research, to create some very authentic and informative writing.  Here are a few samples sections of text from some of our authors:

    In the article, ‘The Hidden Cost of Letting Your Children be Raised by Smart Devices’, the author talks about how 13 year olds are reporting feeling depressed.  Why are they feeling depressed?  Things like social media only show the great things about other people’s lives which can make others sad and depressed because their life doesn’t seem that good.  Kids need to spend more quality time with family and friends to feel more connected. (Jesse)

     Technology has changed our lives in many different ways.  Some good, some bad.  Some kids spend all day on their phones texting and it’s making them unhappy.  There are so many hidden costs of technology.  What have screens done to our lives over the last 20 years?  Levels of depression have increased rapidly over the past few years.  What ever happened to a good use of technology? We are on the verge of a national health crisis.  We need to start placing limits and start reconnecting with people.  (Jackson)

    Keep up the amazing work in your writing room 23!


    Kon nichi wa!  Welcome back to Term 2.  In LOTE Japanese, each year group are working on a thematic unit.




    Focused vocabulary/ Grammar items


    My Birthday: I am 8 years old.

    Numbers, weather, date, likes and dislikes


    I eat Obento.

    Days of the week, food, verb conjugations


    Let’s eat Raamen.

    Numbers (prices), food, likes and dislikes, prepositions


    Baseball Saved Us

    Time (whole and half hours), adjectives, conjunctions


    Daily Routine

    Time (whole and half hours), transport, prepositions

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    Lost Property

    With the growing number of lost property, from all years around the school, we would like to encourage parents to write their childs name on items such as jackets, hats, lunch boxes, drink bottles etc. This will make finding owners easier as well as keeping our school tidy.


    WA Health have introduced a program to provide free meningococcal vaccinations to all children aged 12months to 5 years. Parents of age-eligible children should not delay. This program is limited and closes on 31 December 2018. Contact  your local GP or Health Care Practioner for details.



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