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    1 March 2019|    Issue 1  |    Term 1


    Nothing is impossible to the willing mind. – Books of the Han Dynasty

    From the Principal’s Desk

    Upcoming Events

    Thursday 28 February
    Student Councillors
    Monday 4 March
    Friday 8 March Year 2 Room 25
    Thursday 14 March Year 6 Rooms 8 & 15
    Thursday 14 March and Wednesday 3 April
    Monday 18 March
    Tuesday 19-21 March
    Friday 22 March Year 2 Room 12
    Thursday 28 March and Friday 29 March

    Important Information

    Text Absences
    0417 984 196

    Caladenia App

    Uniform Shop
    30 Kembla Way Willetton  

     9270 4669

    School Banking
    Friday 8.10am – 8.30am

    Helping Hands
    0448 025 638

    Excelsior Dental Therapy

    9256 4170

    Dear Parents/Care Givers

    Welcome back to a new school year.

    We have many new parents beginning the educational journey with their children in Kindy. I would like to feed back some positive news to you – the students have been terrific and settled very well into routines of play and learning. Tears were not commonplace and staff have been building special relationships with each and every child in their class to ensure each child is loved and nurtured and ready for exploring new concepts of reading, writing and counting.

    Welcome to our wonderful school. I am sure you will be very happy with the warm and gentle culture that is Caladenia.

    To all new families with children in other year levels, I hope all have settled well – it seems as this is the case. A warm welcome to you and hope that your time with us will be both pleasurable and productive. Get involved in the P&C, or in their activities – support the school through your parent group – you are helping your own children gain better resources and play areas. We rely heavily on P&C funds to bridge the gap in resourcing our wonderful school.

    To all our existing parents – welcome back and hope you have had a fantastic holiday with your children. We are ready for another high quality year of learning and growing.

    Please make an appointment with the front office if you wish to see me and let them know what the discussion is about as I like to give you quality time where we both can discuss issues openly and knowledgably with positive outcomes to move forward. Thank you.

    Parking is an ever-emerging difficulty at every school. Our ‘Kiss and Drive” areas should be free of parking – please do not park in these areas as there are streams of cars behind you that are waiting for you to move on – these lines of cars are often around the corner into Boardman Rd, blocking traffic flow along the busy street. Remember to drive in an anticlockwise direction (into Bushy Gardens and out through Beauly Parade) – this ensures that children are dropped off on the school side of the street and thus do not need to cross the roads. There are areas for you to park in and around the school if you wish to get out of your car.

    A suggestion during fine weather is to walk or ride to school.

    Please be patient and you will survive the carpark horrors – do not speed or drive recklessly – there are little tiny children walking on footpaths and cross-overs.

    Please DO NOT park on people’s driveways/cross-overs – this is dangerous for the children who live in those homes or at best frustrating for the occupants living there.

    NEVER leave children in cars while you run into the school – it is a very dangerous practice and you can be fined for this.

    Please remember that teachers in this school all carry out the same teaching for that year level because of Collaborative Teams sharing teaching and planning strategies – please ask your teacher to explain our teaching strategies and common understandings and practices. We are proud of the successes we have been able to create from these strategies/policies.

    Please remember that our form of communication is through our APP and webpages for Newsletters and News and Notes. Please ask if you are unsure how to utilize these effectively. We try to avoid paper usage as much as possible for sustainability of our environment.

    Have a great year and we wish you all happiness and good health.

    Kind regards,

    Ted Nastasi




    Class  News

    Kindy 2A and 2B

    It has been a great first week of school and the Kindy students are all settling in well to their new classroom and routines. We have been enjoying painting, play dough, singing, dancing, craft activities and playing in the playground. We look forward to a fun and exciting year together!





    Kindy 3A and 3B

    We have had a wonderful first week in Kindy 3! We have made many new friends and started to learn lots of new skills. We cannot wait to see where the rest of the year takes us! I have really enjoyed meeting and getting to know the wonderful students of Kindy 3!

    Year 1 Room 10

    Last week, we had Teddy Bear Week. Children were so excited because they brought their favourite teddy bear to school for the whole week. They did a lot of exciting activities with their bears. Each student created a Teddy Bear Profile and wrote all about their bear, such as their bears favourite hobby and food. Children also practised their measuring skills by measuring how tall their teddy is using pop sticks, blocks and matchsticks. They drew and labelled a picture of their bear. Children also met our class bear called Buddy Bear. Each week, a student is selected to take Buddy Bear to their house for the weekend. Students write and draw all about their special weekend with Buddy. We have had a wonderful week of learning and we look forward to more exciting things to come in Room 10!  

    Phys Ed News

    Summer Carnival Training Underway!

    Students in years 5 and 6 are in the midst of some challenging and fun training sessions in the lead up to this year’s Summer Carnival. The Summer Carnival is a multi-sport carnival with other schools in the area held on Friday the 29th of March at Burrendah Reserve, Canning Vale Indoor Beach Volleyball and Willetton Basketball Stadium.This year Caladenia PS will be entering the following teams:

    Basketball: 2 Teams

    Cricket: 3 Teams

    T-Ball: 3 Teams

    Volleyball: 3 Teams

    This means we will be taking more students than ever in what is set to be a very exciting event. Letters about team selection will come out in the weeks leading up to the carnival, in the meantime, the training and preparation continues. Good luck to all of our Year 5 and 6 students.

    School Board, P&C and Community News

    School Banking                                                                                                                                   

    School Banking is back, every Friday.                                                                                                                                 

    Located: Jacaranda Day: Time: 8.00-8.30am

    2019 P&C Members                                                                                 

    President – Aimi Richards

    Vice President – Melissa Watts

    Secretary –  Caris Morris

    Treasurer –  Carly Hardingham

    Board Representative – Lourdes Tsekos

    Executive Member – Judy Mekisic

    Executive Member – Danika Sutherland

    Executive Member  – Peta Lillywhite

    Executive Member – Mikayla Reynolds

    Executive Member – Fiona Gould

    Executive Member – Ben Gould

    Executive Member – Chelsea Walker

    Executive Member – Sirissa Haynes

    Executive Member – Jodie Van den Dries

    Executive Member – Ilyana Sasidharan

    Executive Member – Naomi Jeong

    Executive Member – Shinee De Vas

    Executive Member – Manpreet Kuhar 

    Executive Member – Heather Green

    Executive Member – Kelly Banes


    When ordering lunch through the canteen, please remember to write the correct eating block for your child as there has been some confusion with lunches. Attached with this newsletter is an updated list of the blocks for your convenience.





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