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    7 September    |    Issue 3  |    Term 3


    Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and enjoying it for everything that is it. – Mandy Hale


    From the Principal’s Desk

    Upcoming Events

    Mon 3- Fri 7 Sept


    Thu 6 Sept
    Senior Assembly Rm 35
    Fri 7 Sept Year 3 Scitech Incursion
    Thur 13 Sept Year 5 Scitech Excursion
    Fri 14 Sept Junior Assembly Room 31
    Mon 17 Sept Year 2 Kalamunda History Village Excursion
    Tue 18 Sept Year 2 Kalamunda History Village Excursion
    Thur 20 Sept Senior Assembly Room 17 and
    Massed Choir Rehearsal 2
    Fri 21 Sept LAST DAY OF TERM 3  and
    Massed Choir Performance
    Mon 8 Oct
    Tue 9 Oct
    Jumps and Throws
    Fri 12 Oct
    Athletics Carnival
    Tues 16-Thu 18 Oct
    Kindy Readiness Sessions
    Fri 19 Oct
    Junior Assembly Room 4 & 6 and
    Colour Run

    Important Information

    Text Absences
    0417 984 196

    Caladenia App

    Uniform Shop Hours
    Unit 3/9 Yampi Way Willetton

    9270 4669

    School Banking
    Friday 8.00am – 8.30am

    Helping Hands
    0448 025 638

    Excelsior Dental Therapy
    9256 4170

    Dear Parents/Guardians

    Quiz Night

    The Quiz Night presented by the P&C was a first for Caladenia. The Night was a great success and I sincerely thank the P&C Executive and parent supporters at the event. These events bring our community together in a fun way. We have a fantastic group of parents working the P&C this year and their work has been nothing short of amazing. Well done and a big thank you from staff and the community.

    Fathers’ Day Stalls

    Once again a brilliant activity by the P&C designed to help students thank their dads on one special day each year. Thanks, P&C – great effort.


    I am pleased to see parents who have special issues or just want to say thank you. I understand that my time is limited but the Front Office staff are a lovely group of professionals who are friendly and inviting. Make a time to talk if you required it and I can assure everyone of a comfortable discussion no matter what the issue at hand. Thank you. 


    I thank my staff and P&C members who have manned the Kiss and Drop stations each day. It seems that most people understand that danger of parking illegally on footpaths and grassed areas as children walk on these areas. A child is likely to be injured or worse if this continues so please observe the rules…

    • Drive anticlockwise entering Bushy Gardens and leaving via exits around that direction.
    • Do not park in the Kiss and Drop areas – these are drop off areas only – get in and out immediately so other parents can access these areas
    • Do not park illegally on verges or footpaths or grassed areas – children can be hurt in doing so.
    • Never drop your children over the other side of the road from the school – the reason we want an anticlockwise drive around the school is that you are always on the school side of the road in doing so.

    Thank you all for making our school the best. We love what we have and are very protective of retaining that beautiful culture we are developing in it.    

    Be Happy

    Ted Nastasi

    School  News

    Honour Certificates – Junior Assembly

    Congratulations to the following students  who received an Honour Certificate at the Junior Assembly on Friday, 17 August 2018.

    Uday Ethan Oliver Jing Angad Cooper Alice Lauren
    Thudeepaa Ryan Hasan Zarajit Yaalini Vidhee Austin Ailee
    Ivan Smrithi Noah Zaria Nasheta Shuban Tamara Edward
    Benjamin Sophia Ayva Esme Olivia Alexis Tehzeeb Music Rm 30
    Phys Ed Rm 28              

    Honour Certificates – Senior Assembly

    Congratulations to the following students  who received an Honour Certificate at the SeniorAssembly on Thursday, 23 August 2018.

    Isaia Yi Heng Olivia Jake Tala Naomi Aaliyah Ada
    Edna Rahi Krina Varad Anuji Yutong Caithlyn Yu-Tan
    Mohammed Nimsith Ismaeel Jordan Jasleen Rithika Kahungunu Jesse
    Joe Kulanijia Hudson Alicia Gary Piper Zanique Shay
    Mjay Jayden PJ Predrag Emma Kenneth Japanese Room 29 Music Room 26
    Art Room 19 Phys Ed Room 25            

    Honour Certificates – Junior Assembly

    Congratulations to the following students  who received an Honour Certificate at the Junior Assembly on Friday, 31 2018.

    Yevin Gurnoor William Isaac Jessica Qi Kushaal Saisha
    Alan Safiyah Ashton Ethan Ivy Edward Sreyoshi Charita
    Tharundee Amritleen Erena     Paige Tariq Shravani
    Tatum Mila Noah Danika Anjanaa Ethan Bruhathi Music Room 11
    Phys Ed Room 11 Art Room 30            

    Interschool Cross Country

    On Friday 10 August, students from Caladenia participated in the annual Interschool Cross Country, held at Homestead Park.  48 students from Years 3-6 endured the muddy conditions to achieve our best result in the school’s history, second place overall.  We congratulate our Year 3 students who won the shield for their age group and our Year 5 boys who placed first, second, third, fifth and sixth.  As always, our students modelled the highest levels of sportsmanship and behaviour.  We wish to thank Mr Hunt and the teachers who supported the training of the students before school.  We also appreciated the large number of parents who gave up their time on the day to support the team. Please see results below:

    Year 3 Results Donald – Gold Medal, Logan – Silver Medal, Grace – Bronze Medal

    Year 4 Results Elysha – Silver Medal, Lewis – Silver Medal

    Year 5 Results Jordan – Gold Medal, Stephen – Silver Medal, Koby – Bronze Medal

    Year 6 Results  Beau – Bronze Medal

     Sporting Schools Program

    The after school sports program for term 3 is well underway with all programs full to the brim. Ninety students are taking part in Basketball, Hockey and Soccer hosted by school staff straight after school for an hour. The program, which is through the ‘Sporting Schools’ grants, was very popular and unfortunately some students were keen to take part who we could not accommodate but we will do our best to get more students in next term! Soccer and Hockey have had their first sessions while the year 1s and 2s are still waiting to get out there due to persistent rain. We hope our after school sport students enjoy the rest of the term!

    Class News

    What’s been happening in Visual Arts 2018- Senior –Year 4 have been looking at the work of May Gibbs, a children’s book illustrator, who focuses on Australian flora. Students have developed some outstanding observational drawings in a range of media including, fine liner, biro, pencil and water colour crayon. Students have focused on the use of composition to create both interesting and successful layouts of various Australian flora images. They are currently exploring their printing knowledge to develop some reduction prints, made up of 3 layers.Well done, keep up the hard work year 4.

    Students in year 5 have been working exceptionally hard on a very cool 3D papier Mache project. Each student designed a unique owl character on paper and are currently bringing these wonderful designs to life, with the use of mixed media. Students have had the opportunity to fully explore colour mixing through paint work and have developed clear construction techniques, to create facial features and fine detail. They have problem solved with the use of recycled materials and have some very charming 3D owls emerging. Stay tuned for the reveal in a few weeks.  

    Students in year 6 have explored mixed media painting, to develop clear images of everyday objects using realistic observational skills.Students have experimented with surface manipulation to create interesting backdrops for their observational paintings along with textured surface detail.Students are currently working with wire to create linear 2D wire self-portraits. Stay tuned to see their marvellous outcomes on display this term. Keep up the hard work year 6. 

    The MAC Class –Students in Room 19 have been investigating musical compositions in a wide variety of media. They have explored serval different materials to produce some exceptional compositions. They have shown both quality and refined skill, in doing so. Students started with a black and white fine liner study, making use of a pen and wash technique. They then developed a small colour collage with acetate drawing on top. Students are currently developing a strong shade and tone composition with use of dusters and erasers working in reverse and will be moving on to a detailed batik painting on fabric using the knowledge developed to date. I look forward to revealing the stunning outcomes. Outstanding work Room 19.

     Naidoc week 2018-whole school collaboration – This was a most enjoyable whole school activity, in celebration of Naidoc week. Students from all year levels looked at the beautiful work of Aboriginal Artist, Charmaine Cole. They were inspired to create a colourful dot painting using the artists style of work, on large canvas along with different sized dot tools. Students worked in harmony with each other to move around the canvas and complete all the super fine detail. It was really lovely to see the canvas develop over the weeks span in to the stunning piece it became. I am very proud of the students work.








    Year 6 Room 25 – This term, Room 25 students have been busily putting together experiments for the Science Fair that was held on the 17th of August. The Year 6 students were asked to devise and investigation that answers a scientific question, such as “Which baby nappy holds the most liquid”. Students were required to write an investigation that tested their question, and then conduct the experiment. The end result was a science board that detailed their report of their investigation. The students really had a great time working in teams of 2-3 students and found themselves absolutely exhausted after a 2 hour session of teaching about their experiment to the multitude of students who visited the fair on Friday afternoon. All in all it was a fantastic day with tonnes of smiles all around!






    Year 1 Room 27

    In Science, not only do we get to learn fascinating facts and build our knowledge about the amazing things that happen in our world and all around us, but we also get to conduct experiments. Last week, Year 1, Room 27 did some research into clouds and the different types of clouds there are. We then got to conduct an experiment called “Cloud In A Jar”. Like the real scientists we are, we followed a procedure to complete the experiment. This included boiling water, ice cubes and even using Miss Della’s and Mrs Hamilton’s hairspray! Putting these ingredients together into a jar, and following a few other steps, we saw a cloud form inside the jar! We then had to fill out our reflection sheet discussing what we had done, why it worked or didn’t work and what we could change next time.

    MAC Class Western Power Project –Recently, our MAC Class was invited to participate, along with 19 other schools across the state, in the Western Power Circuit Breakers and 3D Printing Project. The selection process for participation in this project is highly competitive, and therefore, represents a big achievement for Caladenia. The project itself focuses students on examining a variety of aspects of the Western Power network through a series of lessons, exploring what it takes to provide electricity to our community that is safe and reliable, as well as investigating new technologies, changing the way we look at electricity supply in the future. During these lessons, the MAC students will work directly with a Western Power Engineer to explore these concepts, asking questions and extending their thinking. They will also utilise 3D printing technology, to design and create various components required to represent their own future electricity and energy network.The project will culminate in an interschool Science Fair hosted by Western Power and Scitech. At this event our MAC students will present their ideas and findings for a future electricity and energy network to peers, teachers and invited guests. They will showcase their 3D printed version of an electricity and energy network! On successful completion of all aspects of this project, Caladenia will also be eligible to keep both 3D printers which we have been allocated for use throughout the duration of the project, and to integrate them into our learning environment. This is a very exciting prospect for students’ learning with current technologies and our MAC students are very much looking forward to sharing their newly acquired knowledge of 3D printing with other students and teachers at our school!






    LOTE –Why do we learn LOTE?

    Language learning is an essential skill for life in the 21st century. It helps us to broaden personal, social, cultural and employment opportunities.  In Term 3 this year, Languages Week was held on 6-12 August.  More than 240 languages and dialects are spoken in Western Australia today and Languages Week provides an opportunity to explore and celebrate language learning.

    At Caladenia Primary School, a group of students took this opportunity to take part in a speech competition ‘Side by Side’ and an annual calligraphy competition hosted by Japanese Language Teachers Association of Western Australia.The Winners will be announced in October 2018.  Good luck everyone!

    School Safety

    As part of our regular security review there have been some changes to the opening and closing of gates.

    Every morning the gates will open at 8am and they are locked again after the siren is sounded. All classrooms are opened at 8.15am to begin morning work. If you need to drop your children off any earlier than 8am, please contact Helping Hands to discuss before school care arrangements. In the afternoon the gates will be opened at 2.15pm. These changes do not affect the parents using Helping Hands before or after school or those students accessing after school music lessons.

    The purpose of this is to enhance the protective processes for your children before and after school. If you have any questions then please contact the office on 9456 1144.

    We thank you for your support in keeping your children safe at all times at Caladenia.

    School Board, P&C and  Community News

    School Board News

    As an Independent Public School, Caladenia operates as a collaborative team with members comprising of the Principal, staff, parents, community members and representation from a member of the P&C.  The School Board in partnership with the P&C work hard together to help build a strong community that responds to student needs.

    The Board is responsible for setting priorities and reviewing of school targets and standards for each year.  The Board’s decisions are in relation to financial budgeting and controls, school performance reviews and policy making which includes the Caladenia School Dress Code.  School Board members wear their badges whilst in the school community and would welcome the opportunity to introduce themselves and chat to you about the functions of the School Board.

    As a member of the School Board, it is very interesting to learn about the expertise of our teachers and the amazing work of the Administrative team who work together with the school community to support the learning and achievements of all students.  They are to be commended for the work that they do for our school.

    Carole Veneris -School Board Chair

    School Banking

    School Banking is open for all students from Kindy to year 6. This is a great way to start children learning about money and how to save. If you would like further information, please see details below where you can visit Catharine.

    Location: Jacaranda Block

    Day: Friday              

    Time: 8.00 – 8.30am

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    Elena Hylands

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