• Issue 3 Term 4 November 22, 2019


    22 November 2019    |    Issue 3 |    Term 4


    “I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.” – Estee Lauder

    From the Principal’s Desk

    Upcoming Events

    Fri 22 Nov P&C Movie Night
    Thur 28 Nov Year 1 Bunnings Incursion
    Mon 25 Nov Art Show
    Wed 27 Nov Pre Primary Christmas Story Incursion
    Thur 28  Nov Year 1 Bunnings Incursion
    Thur 28 Nov Year 1 Road Safety Incursion
    Fri 29 Nov Junior Assembly Pre Primary
    Fri 29 Nov Berrie Icypoles on sale at gates for $1
    Mon 2 Dec Year 1 Zoo Excursion

    Important Information

    Text Absences
    0417 984 196

    Caladenia App

    Uniform Shop
    30 Kembla Way Willetton  
    9270 4669

    School Banking
    Friday 8.10am – 8.30am

    Helping Hands
    0448 025 638

    Excelsior Dental Therapy
    9256 4170

    Dear Parents/Care Givers

    School News

    We have been approved for the following capital works to start this term/school holidays:

    Multi-purpose Room (funded by the school for Clubs, Science, Early Childhood Parent sessions, meetings, activities and computing) – we have literally nowhere to hold any functions of any type for the students or community – this is a much needed facility for us to handle the massive enrolment at the school.
    Another transportable classroom as our school continues to grow
    A grant of $52,000 from the Commonwealth Government to be spent on maintenance around the school only and to be spent by December of 2019. We are repainting the downpipes, structural poles (never been painted) and doors to classrooms and services – we are also extending paving across some lawn areas and hopefully plant shrubs around the transportable buildings to “jazz” them up.

    The school has its results from NAPLAN and we have once again topped the like-schools in ICSEA 1 (highest level shared with Claremont, Dalkeith, Mosman Park and the like. We are proud of our results as it shows once again that we deserve the School of the Year Award for our work with student achievement. Well done to all our teachers across the school and to our students in Years 3 & 5 who were the first to do the on-line testing of NAPLAN.

    We have a changed structure of classrooms for 2020 so we will have some new teachers and changed year levels – we will have 6 x Year 1 classes and 6x Year 2 classes and the reduction of one Year 6 class (down to 3 classes), and with a very large PP contingent (unsure of numbers as yet). Each year we plan for the best fit of teachers and, as you are aware, we have fantastic teachers across the school and each year we maximize the capacity of each to produce the very best results with the students. 


    I must again ask that families do not take students out of school during term to holiday or be absent for many weeks at a time – student learning is influenced and, sometimes, severely by missing large tracts of concepts necessary to understand and apply skills. If it is possible to take the holiday other times during school holidays, please attempt to do so – we are aware that it is cheaper to travel during term, but the cost will be borne by your children if they miss their education. Thank you.

     Parking and Cars

    We have been asked to join the Your Move program which highlights students walking to school as alternatives to seeking solutions to parking and driving issues around the school. This starts in 2020 and will address the key issues of riding bikes/scooters/walking to school instead of driving to school. More on this later.

    Meantime, remember what we employ as our own Caladenia special safety rules

    ·         Travel one way around the school (anticlockwise) so that students are dropped and let out on the school side of the road, therefore minimizing possible accidents

    ·         Use the Kiss n Drive bays as quick drop offs only – no parking

    ·         Listen to instructions of our safety officer, Mr Phil Crofts – he tries to maintain some order in the mornings –please do not abuse him for helping you around the parking issues.

    ·         Do not park in illegal places such as grass verges, footpaths or opposite sides of the road

    ·         Do not take up Staff Bays in Staff Car Parks

    ·         Do not use the on-site parent parking as drop-off as it “clogs” the carpark back into and onto Boardman Rd

    Thank you for your cooperation and goodwill towards others, especially for the safety of your children.

    School of the Year

    Friday 22 November we will host Teachers’ Health, sponsors for School of the Year Award, for a special morning tea they will put on for the staff of the school. We thank them for their generosity for the Award, through the Education Dept of WA. Teachers’ Health has been supporting education in WA for many years through the Education Awards WA.

    Athletics Carnival

    We came third in the Interschool Athletics. We are proud of our students’ sportsmanship on and off the track. Student interactions were admirable, especially in supporting their own team mates during races and other events. Well done to the whole team. We are proud of you for trying so hard in all events.

    Movie Night

    Please support the Movie Night Friday 22 November 2019 starting 6.00pm run by the P&C. a Gold Coin donation is all you need to pay for entry – P&C members will be at the gates for security and assistance on the night. It is being well-attended so far, so it should be a night to enjoy. Be there!! It will be fun.

    Thought of the day – We can achieve the impossible when we decide to work together for the benefit of the whole group.

    Kind regards,

    Ted Nastasi

    School  News

    Honour Certificates – Junior Assembly

    Congratulations to the following students who received an Honour Certificate at the Junior Assembly on Friday, 15 November 2019

    Larry Esha Abdul Thayne Sanvi Tissa Aarush Nobel
    Gaveen Alasdair Ethan Mahi Rohan Shun Oscar Gunoor
    Alan Zaneb Yuvi Lucas Jaina Nitish Kashika Ria
    Enzo Quinn Bella Ayaan Aarav Emily Reena Edwin
    Edward Ananya Mikhail Frank Tharundee Smrithi Saipan Anaira
    Kenzi Luna Music Room 21          

    Honour Certificates – Senior Assembly

    Congratulations to the following students who received an Honour Certificate at the Senior Assembly on Thursday, 21 November 2019.

    Mila Sanjit Sammy Reagan Raamis Riddhi Alexis Tatum
    Anjanaa Levi Harmony Ada Zainab Darlene Kai Anisha
    Tharul Wardah Kade  Keashavi Aaliyah Kourosh Raghav Zakry
    Aarav Beau Javy Christian Anuji Ethan Japanese Room 24 Music Room 8


    Class  News

    Year 4 Room 31 

    This term Year 4, Room 31 have been looking at forces in Science. Recently, we did an experiment on friction to discover how this force works. We played tug-a-war with and without gloves, and then even added soap! It was great to discover how friction is created and affected by different variables.  Our class has loved learning new things about forces. We have learned about pull, push, gravity and friction so far and can’t wait to keep discovering new things!

    “Friction is a force that we can’t see, we can feel it”- Mehtaab

    “Friction effects our everyday life, for example, when driving a car, it is friction that helps us slow down. Car tyres get burns and rips from friction. “ – Akshayan

    “Friction can create heat when two surfaces interact with each other” – Bryan

    “Without friction, cars can’t move and it would even be hard to stand up!”  – Shalini

    “Friction helps us grip things”- Angus

    MAC Room 19

    Earlier this term, a bus full of very excited and very chatty Year 4, 5 and 6 students in the MAC class participated in a joint excursion to Scitech, with the Wattle Grove MAC class. Whilst having an amazing time, we also learnt many things on the way. For example, we got the opportunity to try out the new section with emergency rescue and lifesaving simulators. We flew helicopters, extinguished fires and even saved people who were stranded in the ocean! Our classes also visited the planetarium showcasing ‘We Are Aliens’ (not us, specifically), which highlighted the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. After that, we interacted in a science show that taught us about sound and light and we learnt that Albie is able to produce decibels 147 on his own, beating the class record of 90! The host of this show also displayed an array of elements in combustion, and explained how they reacted respectively. Finally, we had free time to explore the wonders of Scitech, something most of us hadn’t seen for a while.

    Currently in the MAC class, we are working on our projects for the Game Changer Awards. We were assigned to come up with a “game changing” idea of our own design, to solve a real world problem. As we went through the steps of ideation, research, prototyping, refining and reflection, we have discovered that coming up with new and innovative ideas is actually really difficult! However, we are excited to be presenting our ideas at the upcoming Game Changer event at Edith Cowan University, Joondalup, tomorrow, Saturday, 23rd November

    P&C and Community News

    Movie Night Tonight


    The P&C movie night featuring “FINDING NEMO” is on tonight, outside the Art Room.


    Doors open 6.00pm Movie starts at 7.30pm, gold coin donation per person.


    Variety of snacks and drinks available to purchase, also games to play for $1, before the movie. Or bring a picnic. All sales are cash only.

    Book Club

    Book Club Issue 8

    Closes this Monday

    25 November 2019.

     Please place orders in

    the P&C box no later

    than 2.30pm. Thank you.

    School Banking


    We are currently looking for more helpers for School Banking on Friday mornings between 8am-8:30am. As two of our existing volunteers will be moving on next year, extra volunteers are desperately to replace them. Volunteers would work with existing experienced volunteers. Even if you can only help a couple of days per term, it makes a real difference. If you’re interested, please contact the P&C.


    We welcome all members of our community to volunteer with the P&C during 2020. Please email caladenia_pc@hotmail.com for further information or attend our AGM.

    If your child is in Kindy to year 5 and will not be returning to Caladenia Primary for 2020, could you please advise the front office in writing as soon as possible. Thank you




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