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    The School

    Caladenia Primary School was opened in 2007 and is built on a 3.9 hectare site. The school is located in the suburb of Canning Vale, around 15km South of Perth. With significant growth in the area, it is expected that Caladenia PS will undergo change over the next few years. The schoola��s name is derived from the Grand Slipper Orchid a�� Huegela��s Caladenia, an Australian terrestrial which has an erect, slender inflorescence, with solitary flowers. The school colours are purple, navy blue and silver/white.


    Caladenia Primary School currently has 15 primary classrooms, 6 early childhood classrooms and is equipped with a specialist art/craft area, a canteen, a music room, a covered assembly area, library resource centre and administration and staff facilities. Caladenia has 9 transportable classrooms operating.

    School Picture

    The schoola��s infrastructure is based on latest technology, with fibre-optic cabling and wireless technology linking all blocks. Students have access to mobile notebooks that maximizes student usage. Every classroom has Interactive whiteboards which provide a highly engaging technology to enhance student outcomes across all learning areas.

    The grounds are well planned with a large grass oval, several climbing frames and paved courts for netball/basketball/tennis.

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