• Beliefs and Vision

    All staff will be supported to create learning environments that stimulate and challenge students to achieve excellence.

    We believe that

    • Building strong, loving, healthy relationships is the basis to an effective and sustainable, effective learning environment
    • All children are capable of learning and our teachers strive for the highest results from our students
    • Students learn in different ways and their learning programs need to reflect this
    • Quality teaching is the critical factor in improving student achievements
    • We need to foster student responsibility for their own learning while setting challenging goals for improvement
    • Effective teaching engages students 100% of the time in class
    • Effective pedagogy is purposeful, challenging and connected to each studenta��s needs, experience and stage of development and background
    • The mental, physical and overall well-being of students and teachers is a high priority
    • Learning occurs best when the home and school have common goals and are mutually supportive

    Our VISION is to ensure that all students and adults in our community have an ongoing opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to achieve their individual potential and contribute to the notion that we can grow a�?to be the best that we can bea�?.

    Our Vision encapsulates excellence in all we do.

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