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    28 August 2020    |    Issue 3   |    Term 3


    A problem is a chance for you to do your best. – Duke Ellington

    School of the Year 2019/2020

    Upcoming Events

    see Tue 1 Sept Year 3 Perth Hills Discovery Centre
    Wed 2 Sept Fathers Day Stall
    Thu 3 Sept Fathers Day Stall and              Year 5 Scitech Excursion
    Fri 4 Sept Fathers Day Stall
    Fri 18 Sept Book Character Dress Up (No parade)
    Fri 25 Sept Pyjama Day and last day of Term 3
    Mon Oct 12 Term 4 commences

    Important Information

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    6258 9350

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    0417 984 196

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    30 Kembla Way Willetton  
    9270 4669

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    0448 025 638

    Excelsior Dental Therapy
    9256 4170


    From the Principal’s Desk

    We appreciate parents not entering the school for drop-off and pick up of students – it is helping our students and staff stay safe. The COVID issue is not gone and we must guard against complacency by not observing social distancing and cleanliness issues each and every moment of every day.Thank you for your cooperation.

    Bikes and Scooters

    I have personally spoken with some students about dangerous actions near and around car parks and roads. We have several complaints about students playing dangerous games on the roads. We are trying to attract Community Police action for our students’ road safety program. This will be more evident next year when the program starts in earnest (after COVID).

    Teaching and Learning

    We are looking towards 2021 already with a few amendments to how we do things in our teaching and learning program. Our Review with staff and Board will take place in Term 4 with recommendations made for 2021. As part of that process, when we started as an Independent Public School Board, we made a promise that we would select and train our existing and new staff to provide the very best we could offer – we are currently in the process of filling available staffing places for 2021. We are on target to complete 2020 with solid results in student achievement, even having progressed through COVID this year.


    Thank you to the P&C for continuing to provide community fund raising through this difficult year. We are fortunate to have an enthusiastic and hard-working team supporting our great school. Thank you, Aimi and your Team.

    Student Executive

    Our Student Executive and whole School Student Council have worked hard to raise over $1,000.00 for the upkeep of four cages in the Animal Shelter for 2020/2021. Well done to the students for this magnificent effort – it is wonderful to see our school becoming a part of our wider community with students understanding how we are part of a bigger picture of need and commitment to our world around us.

    Student Behaviours

    Lately, some poor choice behaviours have been creeping in to student actions in the playground. These are small issues at present but are serious enough for us as we have zero tolerance to bullying and rough play of any form. Caladenia is a quiet and calm environment and one where students do not accept fighting and rough play as the norm. All students need to feel safe and protected and not afraid of anyone in our school. Over the past term, we have noticed behaviours escalating and we will be making conscious decisions in classrooms to address these behaviours. We would very much appreciate your partnership in developing students who are

    • Resilient and able to solve their own issues with one another, most of the time
    • Patient and do not lose their cool
    • Never fighting as a solution to any problem
    • Always looking for teachers and staff to address and help them fix issues students may have
    •  Report wrong-doings as this then becomes self-regulating in time

    Our motto, “Be the Best That You Can Be” says it all – our wonderful school is what it is due to the partnership between school and its parents and we all love what we have here – we have to work hard to keep it being a wonderful school that our students love and adore and enjoy every day.  Thank you.

    THOUGHT:  ” Focus on the good.”

    Keep well.

    Kind regards,

    Ted Nastasi

    School  News

    Visual Art Drawing Challeng 2020

    Term 2 was a super busy time in the Art room, where all students from Years 1- 6 took part in a drawing Challenge project. Students explored a selection of specific drawing techniques, ranging from mark making in fine liner pen to shading and blending with 2B pencils and watercolour crayons. This gave students an opportunity to really explore the skill of observational recording, in a fun and creative manner that also made use of different surfaces to draw on. Every Year level worked hard in achieving the end goal, producing some stunning sketches and came up with amazing and creative ways to present their collection of drawings. These ranged from sketchbook and concertinas to posters and 3D cubes. It was a real pleasure to see the high quality of outcome our wonderful students produced.

    In week 3, a mini exhibition was put up for the day in the undercover area from the Year 3 cohort. This gave all students the chance to go visit throughout the day, share and celebrate the wonderful work produced by our fantastic students. It was most wonderful to see the smiling faces of the students as they explored the exhibition with lots of positive vibes and complements. So proud of each and every student, here at Caladenia Primary.

    Art Teacher – Miss Ewing

    Interschool Cross Country

    Results for Caladenia                                                                          Overall Scores

    Year 3 Champion Austin 1st Ranford Primary 
    Runner Up Jake 2nd
    Caladenia Primary
    Year 4 Runner Up Charles 3rd Excelsior Primary
    3rd Place Benjamin 4th Canning Vale Primary
    Year 5 Runner Up Logan    
    3rd Place Zane    
    Year 6 Champion Tyler    

    Old Macdonald’s Farm Visit Kindy

    Old MacDonald’s Farm came to Caladenia Kindergarten.

    We met Farmer Rob and Rhiannon who talked about the animals that live on the farm, what they eat, what they produce and how to pat them. Then we went outside to feed and pat the animals. On the farm there was rabbits, chickens, lambs, alpacas, goats and geese. We had a great time interacting with the animals!

    Class  News

    Year 3 Room 17

    This Term the Year 3’s have been learning all about day and night. We have explored shadows and how they can demonstrate the Earth and Suns relationship. Using our oval, a tennis ball and a basketball we found out how the moon and sun can appear to be the same size! We have made models to helps us show the movements of our Earth and Moon in relation to the sun.

    Year 6 Room 37

    Year 6 Room 37 is exploring and learning about Electricity in Science this term. We know the best way to learn something is to explore and actually ‘do it’, in a safe environment. We used the circuit kits to make our light globe – work understanding that only when we created a closed circuit would the light come on. We made connections to home with how the switch is the final step in closing a circuit which then enables the light to come on in a room. There was fun and laughter as we joined our kits together to make a longer circuit, and some groups explored making a parallel circuit. In Room 37 we love learning while having fun and doing things.




    P&C and Community News

    Fathers Day Stall

    The P&C will be operating the Father’s Day Stalls on Wednesday 2nd September to Friday 4th September, with a variety of gifts available for $5 each. The class timetables are available on the Caladenia App and the Web page.Pyjama Day

    Friday 25 September 2020 is the last day of Term 3. Students can come to school dressed in their pyjamas for a gold coin donation. All money raised will go towards extra supplies and equipment for Caladenia Primary.

    Book Club

    Thank you for you orders and patience with the adjusted delivery schedule. Issue 6 closes Thursday 10 September.

    Important Numbers and Information

    School Phone Number

    6258 9350

    Text Absences

    0417 984 196

    Helping Hands

    0448 025 638

    Excelsior Dental Therapy

    9256 4170

    Caladenia App http://oschoolapps.com.au/caladeniaps

    Uniform Shop

    9270 4669 30 Kembla Way Willetton





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