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    31 July 2020 |    Issue 1   |    Term 3


    “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” – Mother Teresa 

    School of the Year 2019/2020

    Upcoming Events

    Thu 13 Aug Board Meeting 7pm
    Fri Aug 14 Interschool Cross Country
    Thu 20 Aug Kindy Farm Incursion
    Fri 21 Aug Kindy Farm Incursion

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    From the Principal’s Desk

    Dear Parents/ Care Givers,

    We are so fortunate to be Caladenia. We have great intentions that are translating into great people and the result are children and adults who believe in us being a family in a wonderful partnership.


    Although it appears that things are back to “normal”, it is a bleak reminder to us all that Victoria was, not long ago, like WA. COVID-19 is a pandemic – it is world-wide and we can’t ignore the possibility that it can strike anyone at any time. We must continue to be personally careful about hygiene and social distancing of at least 1.5m from one another. This continues to be the rule in WA. So, it has been disappointing to note parents/adults not social distancing while dropping off/waiting for children in the afternoons in the school grounds. This has the potential to negatively affect students, staff or other adults. It is not a good idea to assume that “it won’t happen” to us – that is how outbreaks occur. I would ask all parents to consider

    • Is it critical that you bring your children into the school in the mornings (especially knowing that the students coped extremely well earlier in the year without any parent input)?
    • Can you arrange a different way of waiting for your children in the afternoon, while waiting outside the school boundary?

    I am concerned that the way adults are congregating inside and outside school, that the possibility of infection remains high for staff and students. I cannot restrict entry but I would ask you to reconsider your drop-off and pick-ups of your children for their sake. I thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


    Our Multi-Purpose Room will be handed over sometime next week. This is very exciting for us as we can then have a little space to move, especially with Clubs and activities. We are progressing the new walkways between the transportable classrooms and making the area more aesthetically attractive. Bag Racks have been restyled to accommodate student/school needs for heat and wet weather and should be completed in the next few weeks.

    Public School Review

    Anyone wishing to view this exemplary Report on our school, is free to do so on https://www.det.wa.edu.au/schoolsonline/home.do

    Type Caladenia in the Search by School and then go to REPORTS drop-down menu and select Public School Accountability for the Caladenia Report. This Report outlines Improvements (the school allocates these for itself – they are not from the Public School Review Panel). The significant sections are the statements under each Heading and the Effectiveness statements from the Panel. This Review is carried out every three years following the Business Plan for that triennium. Board, P&C, staff and students were involved in the Review of our Standards and Effectiveness.

    It indicates an exemplary school in every area of its operations and provides parents with the confidence that the school is indeed following excellent practices in teaching and learning and whole student development. We are proud of our achievements together as a whole school community.

    Teaching and Learning

    We are in the process of planning for staffing for 2021 in line with what is needed in order to achieve improvement in student learning and growth of each individual in social/emotional areas. Staffing is an emotional time when we lose and gain staff due to growth of the school as well as staff returning from Leave. While we understand parental opinions of staff, we make decisions based on what is best for our students and school ethos/principles. Although this year has been educationally disruptive, we are confident that we will not have lost much by the end of this year. That is a tall order but, we believe, achievable.

    Meanwhile, we continue to provide our best teaching and learning whole school strategies that have provided success over the past few years. You may be aware, that every year in Term 4, the staff come together to plan for the following year and make decisions based on reviews and tests to present to the Board for approval. The Board’s positive and professional judgement is valued by the school and the partnership of community and school has become an enviable one. It deserves to be said that the Staff and Board work well together to provide the best for our wonderful students.

    Thought: “Love more. Worry Less”

    Keep well.

    Kind regards,

    Ted Nastasi

    School  News

    Goldilocks Incursion

    The classic fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, was brought to life on Monday for all our Pre Primary classes! Our students were captivated by a rich learning experience, produced by our special guest Rebecca Flannagan.  The children participated in the storytelling experience, which included delightful props and an array of storytelling skills. ‘Goldilocks’ had us all up singing and dancing together! The children enjoyed sharing their experience by writing a recount when they got back to class. It was a very exciting day!

    Class  News

    Pre Primary Room 5

    This term Pre-Primary students are learning about Fairy tales, as part of our Literacy program. As an introduction to Fairy tales, students attended an Incursion about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We had so much fun singing and dancing to the ‘Teddy Bear Hockey Pockey’ song and danced with scarves for the ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’. We then got to pretend we were the ‘spooky woods’ as Goldilocks walked through the forest. We had such an amazing time! After the incursion, we got to write about what happened at the incursion and sequenced and retold the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Look at some of our fantastic work!

    Year 2 Room 26

    This term, Year 2 are learning all about symmetry. We can identify the line of symmetry and draw reflection symmetry objects, which are a lot of fun. This is what Room 26 knows about symmetry.

     The line of symmetry is a line that separates the parts. Reflection- flip, translation- slide, rotation- turn. Lily

    Symmetry is the same thing on both sides, you can turn it. You use a broken line. Yevin

    The line of symmetry is a broken line to show that this (shape) is being reflected. There are 3 kinds of symmetry: rotate, translate and reflect. It has to be the same on both sides. Aarav

    Symmetry is something that is the same. You can flip, slide and turn sy6mmetry. Gurnoor

    Symmetry is like you cut it in half. DuoDuo

    Symmetry is a mirror image. The line of symmetry is in the middle of the object. Lucas L

    Symmetry is the same amount on each half. Also there are words you use when you do symmetry like slide and reflect. They are the same thing. Jing

    Symmetry is the same shape. It is the same as the other side. Reem

    Symmetry is turn, slide and flip. Ridham

    P&C and Community News

    Cookie Dough Fundraiser


    • Each tub is 1kg and can make approximately 40 cookies.
    • All ten delicious cookie doughs are Australian made and owned and produced in a nut-free factory. There’s sure to be one to satisfy any cookie lover!
    • Simply scoop the dough from the tub and bake for 14-16 minutes for irresistible cookies.
    • The tubs can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks or in the freezer until you are ready to bake. The cookie dough can be refrozen.
    • CASH FUNDRAISING. Students can complete the back page of the order form booklet and return with the monies to the P&C box in the office.
    • Order form booklets and monies should be returned or finalised by 17 AUGUST 2020.

    Orders will be delivered on 4 September


    The canteen is now operating with online orders only. You can download the APP or alternatively see the detailed guide on how to set up your own Flexischools account can be found at the following website:


    Book Club

    Issue 5 closes Friday August 7. Orders can be placed online or via the P&C box in the front office.

    Entertainment Book

    To order a Digital Entertainment Book membership please visit:

    2020/2021 Membership



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