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    24 May 2019    |    Issue 2   |    Term 2


    “More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgement. More blessed, less stressed. More love , less hate.” – Roy T. Bennett

    From the Principal’s Desk

    Upcoming Events

    28-31 May World of Maths Roadshow
    Fri 31 May Junior Assembly Rooms 10 & 21 @ 8.35am
    Mon 3 Jun Public Holiday WA Day
    Tue 4 May Forensic Science Incursion Years 4-6
    Thu 6 Jun Senior Assembly Rooms 35 & 24 @ 8.35am
    Thu 13 Jun West Oz Petting Zoo – Kindy Incursion
    Thu 13 Jun Winter Carnival
    Fri 14 Jun West Oz Petting Zoo – Kindy Incursion
    Fri 14 Jun Junior Assembly Rooms 30 & 32 @ 8.35am
    Mon 17 Jun MAC Woodside Excursion

    Important Information

    Text Absences
    0417 984 196

    Caladenia App

    Uniform Shop
    30 Kembla Way Willetton  
    9270 4669

    School Banking
    Friday 8.10am – 8.30am

    Helping Hands
    0448 025 638

    Excelsior Dental Therapy
    9256 4170

    Dear Parents/Care Givers

    Our School

    The Caladenia Business Plan 2018-2020 outlines the directions the community is taking in the school for the 3 years. The School Board, made up with a majority of parents, is responsible for the quality of educational provision in its community school, Caladenia.

    As part of the setting of direction for the school, the Board follows the Vision and Objectives of the school community – both of which are specified in the Business Plan 2018-2020, namely

    Our Vision  

    “Our aim is to provide all students and adults with ongoing quality opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to achieve their potential.”

    Our Objectives

    • High standards in student achievement in all learning areas
    • Motivated and engaged students through appropriate and interesting learning programs for all students
    • Motivated and committed staff members who strive for continual best practices in teaching and other areas of work
    • Inclusive, safe and stimulating environment for academic, physical and emotional needs of the students

    We are achieving our objectives, evidenced by our results over the past few years and highlighted by the growing number of families who are choosing to live in our catchment area for the benefits of what Caladenia offers to all children in its care.

    We are proud of our successes but we also understand that perfection is impossible and so we, instead, focus on continuous improvement each and every year.

    Please read through the Business Plan 2018-2020 – it is more than a statement about objectives – it outlines Targets, improvements, non-academic targets and community. Every stakeholder should know what is in our Business Plan – it is about the future of your children and your investment in our care and skill in education.

    Riding to School

    Students riding to and from school MUST, by law, wear a helmet to protect them from head injuries. Many students are not wearing any form of protective headwear any time while riding bikes, scooters or other forms of self-propelled transport.

    Please instruct your children to wear the helmets as Police will be looking for people not wearing protective headwear. We really do not want our wonderful students injured and a helmet often protects against serious injury. Thank you.


    NAPLAN is over for 2019. We have had an interesting few weeks with problems and issues with the accessing of media for these Tests – you will have seen these issues in the News. We are hopeful that nothing has affected student performance during these Tests.

    Thank you to our Year 3 and 5 students who did the Tests and all with positivity and enthusiasm for doing well – well done to all of you.

    Staff Absences 

    We have had a few staff members on extended leave for various reasons and we plan for these events to the best of our ability, based on prior knowledge of the absence or not. However, we do cover for those events very successfully. Parents are not privy to why or how long or other personal leave information of the staff member – that confidentiality is respected and protected, without creating any negative effect on student learning or development.

    Children’s Day

    On Monday 27 May, our Years 1-6 students will celebrate Children’s Day in the school through an integration of activities between Music, Japanese Language and Visual Arts. It should be a wonderful day, which is being organized by the Specialist Teaching Team. Thank you, Team.

    Extra Play Areas

    The new areas and facilities for play in the school are being well utilized by students and has provided them with more structured play areas and creates far less anxiety for students trying to play various sporting or recreational games. I thank the Executive Team for their work in making these facilities available for students – they worked hard to ensure student wishes were met and applied. Thank you, Team.

    Teacher Time

    We have a simple philosophy in our school when it comes to effective communication – give yourself quality time to talk through issues regarding your children with your class teacher. Make an appointment so that both teacher and parent have adequate time to address the issues properly and ensure that both have prior knowledge of what the issue is so that you as the parent can prepare and the teacher may also prepare relevant information for you.

    This is good communication – trying to deal with talks before or after school while dropping off or picking up, is not an effective way or getting satisfaction – the teacher is distracted and does not have the time to give total attention to your issue.

    Thank you – we want nothing but good experiences for you.   

    Arguments are never won – calm and reflective discussions create solutions.

    Edward Nastasi

    School  News

    2020 Kindergarten Applications

    Applications are now open for next year’s Kindy.

    If you have a child born between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016, please call into the office to collect an application form.

    Applications close 26 July 2019.

    Lost Property

    We have had a wedding ring handed in to the front office which has engraving on the inside.  If it is yours, please see the front office for further details.


    Class  News

    Pre Primary Room 5 

    This term Pre-Primary has been learning about Objects and Materials in Science. We have got to explore different objects made out of materials such as plastic, metal, wood, cloth and glass. We have sorted and grouped materials based on their characteristics of colour, texture and flexibility. We have learnt vocabulary such as pliable and rigid to describe an object. Take a look at us sorting different objects and the words we came up with to describe each of the materials.

    Year 4 Room 20

    The students in Room 20, Year 4 have been designing and building their own insulated boxes. All students have had time to prepare a drawn model, then construct this model using materials that the students thought appropriate.

    They look amazing!

    Year 6 Room 37

    During Chemical Science in Room 37, Year 6, we are learning about the effect of mixing materials. We observed what happened when we mixed Diet Coke with Mentos. Because the mentos are heavy and have tiny pits on their surface, when gas is released from the Diet Coke bottle it pushes all of the liquid up and out of the bottle in an incredible explosion!

    P&C News

    2019/2020 Entertainment Book

    Current memberships expiring at Midnight on the 1st of June so get in quick! New 19/20 Memberships are packed with thousands of valuable offers for everything you love to do, all while supporting fundraising for Caladenia Primary School P&C Assoc Inc.

    Order yours today : https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbook/871h16
    We are raising as much as we can to support our cause and we need your help!

    Order your new 2019/ 2020 Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership now. You will receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do and help our fundraising at the same time.

    Contact Elena Hylands on 0416 071 975 or email ejhylands@hotmail.com

    Woolworth Earn and Learn Stickers

    Caladenia Primary are participating in the Earn and Learn program again this year.

    Between 1 May and 25 June 2019, collect as many stickers as you can, stick them onto the sheets (available from Woolworths or download) and drop them into the boxes located at Woolworths Harrisdale, Forest Lakes and Livingston. You can also drop your sheets in the front office or Kindy area. The more completed sheets collected, means more equipment is earned for the school

    Please remember to place stickers onto the sheets before dropping into any box.

    Donut Days

    Just in time for Winter, Caladenia P&C are selling Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts at the school gates for $2 each Friday Afternoons 31 May, 7 June and 14 June 2019.

    Please ensure that if your child has any allergies (especially nuts) do not allow them to purchase the donuts as they are not guaranteed to not contain traces of other foodstuffs

    Volunteers are needed to help in selling the donuts between 2.15pm and 2.45pm. If you are able to help, please email caladenia_pc@hotmail.com.

    Mother’s Day Stall

    Term 2 has started with a bang!  There were lots of happy customers at the P&C Mothers’ Day Stalls.   Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out with the planning and running of the stalls!  We hope everyone had a very happy Mothers’ Day.

    Election Day Sausage Sizzle

    The P&C Election Day Sausage Sizzle was also a great success, with more than 400 sausage sizzles sold.  A big thanks to everyone who gave up their Saturday and braved the cold morning to help out.  Special thanks to Phil for setting up the BBQ and Anne for opening up the school.

    School Board News

    Getting to Know our School Board Members

    This week Brian Tan (Parent Representative) has outlined his reasons for joining the School Board.

    Introducing Brian Tan

    “Hi everyone! My name is Brian and I have recently made the decision to join the Caladenia Primary School Board. I currently have two children who are attending Caladenia, one in Kindy and the other in Year-2. It has been an exciting and rewarding experience to watch my children grow up within the Caladenia community over the years.

    I have decided to volunteer at Caladenia because I’m passionate about my children’s education and would like to give something back to an amazing school and community. It will also give me an opportunity to learn about the education system and the broader challenges associated with running a school.

    I’d like to also express my thanks and gratitude to all the staff (and parents!) at the school for creating a culture which fosters a great learning experience for our current and future students, so therefore a BIG thank you for giving me to the opportunity to be a part of it!”    –   Brian Tan 20 May 2019

    Carole Veneris
    School Board Chair
    24 May 2019



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