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    21 June 2019    |    Issue 4   |    Term 2


    “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” – Peggy O’Mara

    From the Principal’s Desk

    Upcoming Events

    Wed 26 Jun Cross Country
    Fri 28 Jun Junior Assembly Room 22 & 33
    Fri 28 Jun P&C Disco
    Tue 2 Jul Year 2 – Kalamunda History Village Excursion
    Wed 2 Jul Year 2 – Kalamunda History Village Excursion
    Thu 4 Jul Senior Assembly Rooms 31 & 20
    Thu 4 Jul Girls Football Carnival
    Fri 5 Jul Last Day of Term 3
    Tue 23 Jul Term 3 Commences for Students

    Important Information

    Text Absences
    0417 984 196

    Caladenia App

    Uniform Shop
    30 Kembla Way Willetton  
    9270 4669

    School Banking
    Friday 8.10am – 8.30am

    Helping Hands
    0448 025 638

    Excelsior Dental Therapy
    9256 4170

    Dear Parents/Care Givers

    Our School 

    We are learning new and better ways of Writing exciting and interesting stories and recounts in ways that become vital to audience. We are doing this through implementing this year’s Writing Plan which gave students far more structure and now we are building on that to create a world of excitement and better vocabulary and motivation to be great writers. Our teachers are learning and applying known better practices in the way we write and create writing. Talk with your teacher about this new methodology.

    Classroom Libraries

    The school is placing 100 new books into every classroom over the next few weeks. The idea behind this is research which shows students who are exposed to more books and varied ones in fiction and non-fiction, are more able to cope with increased abilities to interpret and use improved vocabulary in their stories and other writing. Reading is the single most important function/skill for a primary student to master – it is this exposure and use of more and more books that will create a high skill level in our students’ learning capacities. We are keen to get these Libraries started.

    PRIME   Mathematics

    You would be aware by now that our Mathematics program follows the Australian and State Curriculums for Mathematics and the PRIME Mathematics Books we are using follow those curriculums, with an emphasis on the Singapore-based model of successful Mathematics teaching. Singapore pretty well leads the world in the teaching of their own Mathematics structure – you can Google for yourself the system used in Singapore.

    Our Mathematics results have improved tremendously in general computational processing and more so in Problem-Solving Mathematics – our results show and amazing improvement as the process helps teachers succeed easier with the teaching of Mathematics at all levels.

    Student Absences

    Reminder – please do not take students out of school during term for holidays or other reasons – they miss too many concepts while they are away.


    The City of Gosnells Ranger has advised us that Infringement Notices will be given to drivers who break the following rules:

    Two minutes is the maximum time you are allowed to be in the Kiss n Drop bays
    You cannot not be further than 2 metres from your car at the Kiss n Drop bay
    Vehicles must not be parked in other residents’ driveways or restrict the passage of cars travelling down the access roads around the school
    Vehicles must not be parked in the Kiss n Drop bays before 2.30pm each day.
    I am outlining these as the Ranger was adamant that he would be handing out infringement notices next time he came and saw illegal parking taking place around all schools.

    Thank you for being orderly around the school – it has improved tremendously in going one way in and out of the drop-off/pick up roads.

    “Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being” – Kevin Kruse.

    Kind regards,

    Ted Nastasi

    School  News

    2020 Kindergarten Applications

    Applications are now open for nest year’s Kindy.  If you have a child born between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016, please call into the office to collect an application form.

    Applications close 26 July 2019

    Cross Country Fun

    Cross Country fever has taken hold at Caladenia Primary School! Students have been practicing each week during PE class and have been steadily improving. When students complete the course with a best time they have been receiving either a sticker or a faction point to reward them for their efforts. The ‘Cross Country Carnival’ is on Wednesday the 26th of June and we would love to see lots of parents’ down supporting our runners. The top 6 finishers from each race in years 3-6 will be invited to take part in the interschool cross country in early term 3. Good luck to all of our competitors!

    The 2018 Cross Country was a great success despite some light rain with green faction prevailing.

    Girls Football

    Our girls’ football team has been training twice a week at lunch times this term in preparation for the interschool girls’ football tournament held at Canning Vale Primary at the end of term. After a few sessions on skills, the students in years 5 and 6 have been taking part in mini matches with expert guidance from Mr. Hunt and Mr. Smith. The team will be announced in the coming weeks and the tournament, on the 4th of July, will be a great day out for all involved. We would love to have lots of supporters to watch our girls battle it out against 4 other schools. Keep up the good work, girls’ footy team!

    Elysha, Siena, Krina and Ella are all looking forward to the tournament.

    Children’s Day 2019

    Our wonderful Students took part in a traditional Japanese celebration on Monday, called Children’s Day. This is a large celebration that takes place in Japan every year in honour of children. Students from all year levels came together to celebrate through a combination of language, music and Visual Arts.

    Over the past few weeks, students in year 3 have designed and created traditional style Koi fish kites called Koinobori. These range in scale to represent family units from grandparents and parents, to brothers and sisters. The students used a wax resist technique to create the bright patterns and beautiful shapes. They Also learnt about the names of different fish groups in Japanese, both verbally and in written form.

    Year 5’s also explored the written element to the wording and created a large collage fish containing all the scales.

    Students work was assembled outside the undercover area to create a corridor of bright colours, patterns and shapes.

    The students had fun learning Japanese dances, Jan Ken Dance is a popular activity played in Japanese primary schools.  Jan Ken means ‘Paper Scissors Rock’ and the best dancer is whoever makes the longest line. The children danced with the ‘Children’s Day Song’ played by Mrs. Rivett’s guitar. Our best dancers were Year 3 groups.  The longest line had 47 students!

    Ken Ken Dance or Ken Ken Sumō is played to develop coordination in young children.  Ken Ken means ‘hopping’ and Year 5 and 6 students tried this dance without losing balance and stepping out of the boundary.

    The team of Specialists teachers would like to thank all teachers and the administration team for supporting the event, and we congratulate all students who participated in the activities.


    Forensic Science Incursion

    On Tuesday, the 4th of June, the Year 4-6 students participated in a Forensic Science Workshop, run by Education Interactive. Each class was required to solve a mystery disappearance using the clues provided by the presenter. Students gained a deep understanding of Forensic Science by completing activities such as fingerprinting, analysing footprints, using UV lights and much more!


    Class  News

    Year 4 Room 35 

    Throughout Term 2, the Year 4 students of Room 35 have been delving deep into the past, jumping aboard ships to discover new and exciting land masses and sea routes. Each of these 27 explorers has researched a famous captain between the 1400s and 1700s. Throughout their journey, the Year 4 students have looked at their contributions to exploration and presented their findings to the class. These presentations took the form of information reports, posters and PowerPoint presentations. Take a look at some of the awesome pieces these mighty navigators created!

    Year 6 Room 8

    Real life excitement!

    Why? How? What if? Room 8 is always curious about how we can use the Math and Science skills we learn in real life. Who knew that there were so many ways to build a chook pen, or move objects using string? And let’s not forget shoes flying when we couldn’t beat the presenter with one of the puzzles. Not to forget how to piece together clues when finding a lost person! Forensic Science is fascinating, especially when you get to use microscopes ad black lights. Although Charli wasn’t impressed when she found the animal droppings…


    School  Board & Community News

    P&C News

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    Caladenia Primary School P&C Assoc Inc
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    Woolworths Earn and Learn Stickers

    Caladenia Primary School are participating in the Earn and Learn program again this year.

    Between 1 May and 25 June 2019, collect as many stickers as you can, stick them onto the sheets (available from Woolworths or download) and drop them into the boxes located at Woolworths Harrisdale, Forest Lakes and Livingston.  You can also drop your sheets in the front office or Kindy area.  The more completed sheets collected, means more equipment is earned for the school.

    Private Piano Lessons

    Is your child interested in learning piano? Matthew has some spaces available.  If you are interested, please contact Matthew on 0411 697 750 or email mattwalford12@hotmail.com





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