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    30 August 2019  |    Issue 3   |    Term 3


    “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

    From the Principal’s Desk

    Upcoming Events

    Tue 3 Sept – Fri 6 Sept Science Week
    Tue 3 Sept and Fri 6 Sept Kindy Information Sessions
    Wed 4 Aug Year 2 Water Incursion
    Thurs 5 Sept Senior Assembly Rooms 28 & 36
    Fri 6 Sept P&C Cookie Day $2 at gates
    Fri 6 Sept P&C Quiz Night
    Wed 11 Sept Parent Open Night
    Thur 12 Sept Year 5 SciTech excursion
    Fri 13 Sept Junior Assembly Room 17
    Fri 13 Sept Lapathon
    Fri 13 Sept P&C Cookie Day $2 at gates
    Mon 16 Sept -Fri 27 Sept Group 2 Swimming lessons

    Important Information

    Text Absences
    0417 984 196

    Caladenia App

    Uniform Shop
    30 Kembla Way Willetton  
    9270 4669

    School Banking
    Friday 8.10am – 8.30am

    Helping Hands
    0448 025 638

    Excelsior Dental Therapy
    9256 4170


    Dear Parents/Care Givers

    Our School 

    Our Public School Review will take place in Week 8 of Term 4 by the Dept of Education. Staff, School Board and now parents are informed of this important date. The Review process examines all aspects of our operation – teaching and learning, fiscal planning and implementation, policies, student non-academic development, relationships and other criteria. We look forward to the Review as we are confident in our abilities and standards of excellence with our students at Caladenia.


    Our official enrolment is currently 906 students. The enrolment holds some challenges for us, both physically in terms of space and in placement of future buildings.

    The Board has approved the building of a Multi-Purpose Room so that we can operate Club Activities for students of all ages during recess and lunch times. It also has the capacity to be used as a Pre-Kindy Centre, computer lab and generally for meetings and parent activities.

    Along with recent purchases by the school of

    • Covered playgrounds
    • Seating and tables for senior girls
    • Covered over bike racks
      this facility, will enable more passive play areas for students. 

    In-House Testing

    Starting on 9 September, all Years 2-6 students will be doing in-house testing in Maths and English. This is a vital part of our assessment scheduling of the year to plot the progress of our students from year to year. We will be stressing the importance of this Test (somewhat more important than the NAPLAN Tests) to the students as it provides staff with an indication of how much growth has occurred during the year. Thank you. 

    Book Parade

    The Book Parade last Friday was a great success and enjoyed by staff and students alike. Thank you to Ms Wall, Ms Roberts and the English Team for a memorable day.

    A big thanks too, to Ms Crofts (Library Officer) and Mrs Asplin for operating a highly successful Book Week and raising much needed funds for new books. Well done.

    Massed Choir

    Our Senior Choir will be performing at the Concert Hall on 21 September 2019. The Choir had a practice this week at Churchlands SHS and were fantastic. We are keen to see their performance at the Perth Concert Hall on Saturday night 21 September. Good luck, Seniors.

    Thought of the Day: –

    Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. – Budda

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Kind regards,

    Ted Nastasi

    We have reviewed our Bush Fire Plan as per The Department of Education requirements.

    This plan is available on our website to be viewed.

    School  News

    Voluntary Contributions

    We would like to thank all the families that have paid their Voluntary Contributions.  These funds are vital to the school is used to supplement school expenditure in the curriculum learning areas. Some of these items include but not limited to sporting and musical equipment, classroom resource materials, exercise books, craft items (for Kindy and Pre-primary) and Library Books.

    Below shows a table indicated the percentage of Voluntary Contributions that we have received to date.

    Kindy – 88%
    Pre-Primary –  79%
    Year 1 – 86%
    Year 2 – 80%
    Year 3 – 84%
    Year 4 – 77%
    Year 5 – 76%
    Year 6 –  71%

    If you haven’t already paid your voluntary contributions, we encourage you to do so.

    Book Poster Competition

    Congratulations to the following winners. These students won a voucher to spend at the Book Fair.

    Grace Lucas Howard Meishu Uday
    Judy Charita Abigail Nasheta Leshelle
    Tharundee Angela Charlotte Dihain Clarissa
    Bodhi Dylan Kailyn Kushi Evie
    Annie Misha Caiden Seryna Josh
    Dasha Ria Sara    

    Honour Certificates – Senior Assembly

    Congratulations to the following students who received an Honour Certificate at the Senior Assembly on Thursday, 22 August 2019.

    Sienna Sophia Charles Jaslin Adam Yara Taym Kale
    Aditi Ethan Tejas Violet Yin Tamara Zexin Raenah
    Dylan Jedolph Giana Luke Kayiravee Romeo Varad Rena
    Natalie Malakai Chloe Krish Logan Albert Diana Lodinu
    Hussaen Adam Kulanija Jasmine Lewis      

    Honour Certificates – Senior Assembly

    Congratulations to the following students who received an Honour Certificate at the Junior Assembly on Friday, 30 August 2019.

    Ayden Isabella Julia Ranudi Janice Victoria Ajay Arielle
    Itza Jerold Saanvi Lachlan Andres Oliver Ali Ethaniel
    Hussain Kushaal Skylar Jonah Gurbaz Howard Asheen Ayush
    Swarsinh Princess Leshelle Aarav Daniel Nimrat Isaac Samreen
    Erena Jiordano Dhanvi Abeishan Krystal Phys Ed Room 22    


    Class  News


    This term, Year 3 students have been learning food, days of the week, and a sentence structure (Subject Object Verb) to retell the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ in Japanese language.

    The students are familiar with the story itself. However, listening, speaking, reading and writing in Japanese give them robust challenges. The students are responding very well, and many of them have been producing excellent oral presentations.

    They also created their own ‘Zig Zag Book of The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ (shown above in the pictures). The Zig Zag book imitates the oldest form of Japanese picture comics Chōjū-giga (鳥獣戯画 Animal Caricatures), a famous set of four picture scrolls, dated back in 12th century.

    Learning themes and contents in Term 3

    • Year 3 “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” Food, Days of the week, SOV structure
    • Year 4 “My Daily Routine” Time (whole and half), Verbs, places, SOV
    • Year 5 “At the Restaurant” Food, Money (numbers beyond 1000), greetings
    • Year 6 “On the Weekend” Famous places in Japan, past time activities, Days of the Week, making suggestions

    Well done to all students who have been working diligently with enthusiasm.

    Mrs. Witt.

    School  Board, P&C and Community News

    School Board News

    Getting to Know our School Board Members

    This week John Elson (Deputy Chair) has outlined his reasons for joining the School Board.

    Introducing John Elson

    “Life is about choices and being accountable, as such when the opportunity presented itself I chose to be a parent representative on the school board – something that I am very proud of. The School Board works respectfully in collaboration with the school’s leadership team, P & C and the school community as a whole to ensure that our children can be the best that they can be. During my time on the School Board my understanding and admiration for all the staff at Caladenia that teach and support our children continues to propagate – I know that both my children have benefitted from this caring and loving environment.

    If you have considered getting involved in the School Board, P & C or just simply supporting school activities but have not yet taken the courageous leap, I would encourage you to do so as it is a very rewarding experience.” – John Elson.

    Book Club Issue 6

    Closes Friday, 6 September. Please place orders in the P&C box in the front office.


    Next Friday the P&C will be selling Subway cookies at the gates. Keep an eye out…..


    Just in time for Winter, Caladenia P&C are selling fresh Subway Original Choc Chip Cookies at the school gates for
    $1 each
    Friday Afternoons
    6, 13 and 20 September 2019 (Weeks 7, 8 and 9)



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